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4 Essential Tech Equipment for Your Commercial Food Business

The food industry is one of the most lucrative businesses today. As entrepreneurs work towards gaining more ground, technology is particularly taking center stage. The multi-billion dollar industry has invested in new technological advances that seek to make the process of preparing food, handling and serving customers more efficient. These tech advances are making the operational process of most restaurants much better, thus generating more revenue. Here are some of these cutting-edge technologies that are shaping the commercial food industry.

Touchscreen food dispensers

In the bid to serve more customers in multiple locations while minimizing costs, food outlets have invested in the development of digitally managed food boxes that can dispense food at the touch of a screen. This technology has revolutionized the manner in which restaurants and fast food joints run. The stand-alone self-service machines have reduced or eliminated the need for staff to be physically present to serve customers. The machine also runs on cashless systems which allow customers to pay for their bills through the use of Master and Visa cards. The food dispensers are highly sophisticated as they can offer multiple varieties of menu items with simple-to-prepare drinks, ice creams, and other items.

LED Alert systems

The kitchen is the busiest hub of all in the food industry where so many things can go wrong. In most cases, the place is noisy and cluttered with much equipment, thus making many it challenging for most cooks to work comfortably. In response to this challenge, technology has come in handy as far as the development of LED-enabled machines is concerned. Cooking wares such as boilers, deep frying equipment, ovens, and microwaves have been enhanced with some cutting-edge detection and automation systems. These systems ensure that workers can be automatically warned with silent but effective alarm warnings that produce visual and hard-to-ignore warnings projected on the wall once a preset configuration of temperature or time is reached.

This enhancement ensures that cooks in the kitchen can multitask and thus increase their turnover. Modernized LED alert systems have taken the concept of automated alarm systems a notch higher as they illuminate warnings on the floor or the wall, thus ensuring that kitchen processes can be monitored more easily.

Webcam monitoring systems

Advanced sophisticated and integrated webcam systems have been developed which allow all cookery processes to be monitored throughput in the cooking process to ensure proper hygienic handling of food. The systems monitor and detect potential areas of non-compliance with the prerequisite health regulations that define the food handling safety codes.

This system has significantly revolutionized the manner in which restaurant operators can monitor and regulate operations in their restaurants. The system can also be set to trim up the recorded films remotely and pinpoint particular areas where cooks engaged in improper food handling practices which could lead to food poisoning.

Advanced water filtration methods

Water is essential for any restaurant business. The nature of the water regarding purity determines the quality of the food which in turn affects the satisfaction of your customers. In most cases, the water we have in our water supply systems, although clean, may lack the quality of purity required. Advanced water purification systems have been developed which make the process of water purification easy through the use of nanofiltration methods. 3m water filters lead the water purification sector by providing high-quality water filtration tools that keep water clean, hygienic, and with the right levels of elements such as chlorine for safe human consumption.

The food industry is rapidly advancing with technologies being introduced to help make the industry run smoother. Most of the tech advances that have been introduced to that effect have already put restaurants ahead regarding easing their operations, thus increasing the prospect of competing successfully in the already competitive restaurant industry. These are technologies you may need to invest in your restaurant business to make your investment a success.

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Dennis Hung is an entrepreneur and product analyst specializing in mobile technology and IoT. He’s spent most of his career consulting for businesses in North America.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Max Alexander

    January 5, 2021 at 3:32 am

    Hello Dennis!
    Sharing is caring. Thanks for sharing this with the community. We must filter water before drinking it. I agree. It also true that earlier we found a different taste of water after filtration. That’s for the materials contained in the water. Now most of the water filters provide the same taste water through RO water purifier as well. Drink safe, live safe.

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