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4 Career Pathways Centered Around Helping Other People

Whether you are still studying for your high school diploma, have just finished college or indeed graduated more years ago than you care to admit, if you feel as if you are stuck in a rut in your current job role, then it is certainly time for a change.

There is no more noble profession than one that is dedicated to making the lives of others better, healthier or more comfortable and so, if this sounds like something you would be interested in, continue reading.

Following are four career pathways centered around helping other people.

1.  Charity Worker

When you ask the average person what job roles they consider to be associated with helping as many people as possible in an average working week, they will more than likely consider nurses, doctors, and surgeons first.

As absolutely inspirational and essential such admirably selfless individuals are who choose to work in the medical profession, there are other, entirely different, job roles that still have a hugely positive effect, such as the role of a charity worker.

2.  Speech & Language Therapist

Working with both children and adults, a speech and language therapist can work in a wide variety of settings, from traditional hospitals to care homes, assisted living facilities, and schools.

Speech and language therapists conduct full assessments of every single patient that comes through their doors and whether they are a military veteran who suffered facial injuries or a child who was born with a cleft palette, they are there to help.

Typical duties of a speech and language therapist include the following:

  • Delivering a treatment program suited to the individual
  • Providing advice on breathing techniques and facial exercises
  • Addressing the root cause of the speech and language issue
  • Writing client notes and reports in complete and utter confidence

3.  Medical Researcher

To become a medical researcher, regardless of the specific field you are looking to enter, whether you want to be at the forefront of genetic editing discovery and work with the SRG rat platform, or else be in the laboratory testing out the latest in prosthetic limbs, prepare for years of intensive and challenging study.

Medical researchers work to save lives not just in their local area, not merely in the state they reside, and not even people exclusively living in the United States rather they dedicate their professional lives to curing disease and saving potentially millions of people.

4.  Social Worker

Finally, if you want a more ‘on the front line’ approach to a professional career helping people, then look no further than turning your attention to helping members of your own local community.

Social workers, contrary to popular belief, are not solely involved with working with children and actually tend to spend just as much time talking to entire families, elderly people, and older adults, as well as couples going through a difficult patch.

Social work is as rewarding as it can be challenging and anyone considering a career as a social worker should be a naturally compassionate and empathetic person.

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