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3 Tips to Choosing the Right LED Light for Your Bike

Mountain biking is a fun and exciting experience. Whether you are riding for the thrill, to boost your fitness, or as an adventurous sport, cycling has a sure way of eliciting a sense of fulfillment.

If you need to keep cycling with the nightfall, then it’s pretty clear that you are going to need a light. With a good LED light, dark evenings don’t have to stop you. You can still indulge in a little adventure even after sunset. You can also add LED lights to your daytime use.

Let’s look at 3 useful tips for choosing the right LED lights for your bike.

Choose Rechargeable LED Lights

Finding a high quality and rechargeable LED light is important. When you buy a fairly inexpensive and rechargeable LED light, you will avoid wasting money replacing batteries.

Rechargeable lights have lithium-ion batteries. This can be charged so many times making them a better alternative to the disposable ones.

A rechargeable Lithium-ion battery will also provide a steady lighting until their power is spent. They also come with a LED low battery warning thus making them an excellent choice for easy charging.

Most LED lights come with a smart charger that automatically stops when your battery is full. This prevents overcharging and damage to the battery.

Battery Life and Run Time

Choose a rechargeable LED light with a long-lasting battery life. Invest in a light that has 4-6 hours of continuous use per charge. Remember the battery life is dependent on the kind of LED in the lights, the lights battery type and the power of the system.

LED lights are preferred by many cyclists because they are energy efficient and durable. When choosing LED lights, pay attention to the lumen rating. If you are cycling on a dark trail, you will need to reduce your LED output to allow your eyes to adapt the darkness. Use steady modes during the night and save the flashing lights for the day.

Most rechargeable LED light will have a multiple power settings feature. This will allow you to switch between low power light and high intensity. Also, it is important to check for an external battery to boost its life.

Mounting Options

Look for a light that that is easy to attach to the bike securely and firmly. A good LED light will mount firmly without sliding or rotating on the bars when you want to adjust a setting. Generally, a good light will be easy to adjust without taking your eyes off the road or removing your bike gloves.

Headlights are mounted on your handlebar, but you can also mount on your helmet. If you often trail ride at night, consider mounting lights on your helmet and on your handlebar.

The beams of a light mounted on your helmet can be redirected when you turn your head. Look for a LED light that has an effective beam pattern that even with a single bar mounted light, your confidence will still be intact.

Rear safety light can be placed in your pocket or your backpack. If theft is an issue, consider a light that is easy to switch off and carry it with you.


With these 3 tips, you will be on your way to choosing the perfect LED light for your bike and enjoying your cycling adventures with the best bike lights.

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