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3 Common Hot Water Systems Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Read about 3 common yet disastrous hot water system installation mistakes in this 3-minute read.

In the midst of those chilly winter days, we all look for every sign of warmth we can find. In this regard, hot water systems provide homeowners a lot of relief.

Everyone knows how hard it can be to wash your hands (and other more sensitive areas) in winter. Fortunately, hot water systems are typically very affordable and easy to understand. However, the most difficult part of your purchase is, without a doubt, its installation process.

It is very easy for plumbers and electricians to make mistakes, let alone homeowners who are trying to stick to a budget. For this reason, you should always make sure you hire professionals for this task and keep an eye out for these common hot water systems installation mistakes:

1. Soldering Pipes

When it comes to setting up connections between the main water line and your hot water system, soldering is definitely the most appropriate method to go about it. However, experts at Same Day Hot Water Service would advise you to make sure that the soldering is never done in close proximity to the unit itself.

Most hot water systems are made using plastics, and the heat generated during soldering could damage the integrity of the unit. For this reason, ask professionals to keep the propane torch as far away from your new tank as possible. If this cannot be avoided, then it is advisable to detach the nipples from the tank’s input segments so they can be soldered elsewhere.

2. Incompatible Metal Connections

When a connection is being established between two metal pipes, some people forget to pay attention to their compatibility, You see, even as slight a difference as 0.1mm between the pipes could lead to very expensive blunders. For instance, this gap could speed up corrosion and we all know how much homeowners hate leakages.

If you’re using copper for your pipe connections, make sure that you use copper connectors. If you end up using galvanized steel instead, your hot water system may experience what is known as dielectric union fitting. This problem brings down the overall strength of your new hot water system.

3. Missing Out the Relief Valve

Relief valves are designed into most modern hot water systems because they help manage the temperature and pressure of the unit. If your plumber or electrician forgot to install this valve, there is a high probability that the water tank inside your hot water system could explode.

There have actually been many such instances and you can generally look for your pressure relief valve by looking around 6-inches from the floor on your hot water system. You can also increase its overall effectiveness by attaching threaded pipes to the valve and then pass this pipe to the corner of your basement or laundry room floor.

Looking for a Trustworthy Hot Water Installation Service?

You can visit WaterHeaterHub, Same Day Hot Water Service or any other reputable hot water installation service website to browse through major brands of hot water systems alongside all the services required to have an uninterrupted supply of hot running water.

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