4 Ways to Unblock Facebook when Travelling to China

Perhaps, the biggest issue that travellers face when travelling to China is the restrictions imposed by the government, especially on internet access. Popular social networking sites such as the Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are blocked by the Government’s Firewall. Similarly, many of the news outlets are blocked too.

However, there exist many alternative ways that give users Facebook access in China.

Free Web Proxy Servers

The easiest way is through the use of proxy servers for blocked sites. Remember, proxies similar to Proxfree and KProxy do not require you to make any changes in the browser settings. All you are supposed to do is simply type in the blocked website you are interested in accessing the Uniform Resource Locator Box, and the proxy will redirect you to the website. One of the issues you might face with the free proxy servers is that they often tend to be a bit slow. Also, there may be situations where these free proxies will not unblock Facebook.

Paid Proxy Service

The best and cheap way to Unblock Facebook in China is through a Paid proxy service which any need offer $1-$3 per month to use which more cheap compare the VPN service that you will cost you $5-$10 per month.

Though there are lots of paid proxy providers online and lots of type of proxies offered, such as Dedicated Proxies, Backconnect Proxies, Rotating Proxies and Residential Proxies. Obviously if you only need the proxy for the website surfing, you need to choose the dedicated Proxy service which is the fastest proxy online, when compare with other types of proxies and VPN, The dedicated Proxy is easy to use, only need copy and paste the IP & Port on your  browser will be fine.

Virtual Private Network

A Virtual Private Network can be looked upon as something that will let you access a private network through public networks. Thus, through VPN you will be able to access a private network similar to Facebook in China. By using a VPN, you can select the destination from which you would like to access the same. In other words, a VPN lets you trick the server into believing that you (or your connections) are somewhere else when you are actually in China.

The best VPN service and the easiest to use is the Tunnel Bear in my views. In fact, you can download the same in your laptop or even onto your mobile device. If you spread the word about Tunnel Bear, you are entitled to benefit from a certain amount of free GB. Some of the other diverse choices as far as free Virtual Private Network remains concerned are; Okay Freedom VPN, JustFree VPN, Cyber Ghost and HotSpot Shield Free. It solely depends on your preference regarding the type of VPN you remain interested in sticking to.

Consider Downloading a Tor Browser

By opting for this option, when you make an effort to establish a connection through the browser, information is passed through a number of relays. Thus, it makes it possible to bypass the firewalls and the restricted websites. Remember, as compared to this option, Proxy and VPN are the better choices. The reason behind the same is that the load time in case of the Tor Browser is indeed slow. You may also consider downloading a Tor Browser at

In this respect, it must be stated that GoAgent is open source software, which has been written in Python. The different platforms supported are; Linux, Windows and OSX. Remember, this proxy holds a fair degree of similarity to the GappProxy. With the help of GoAgent, it will be possible to create a local proxy on your system and enjoy internet surfing. Thus, you can share your travel experiences with friends and family members.

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