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Money-Saving Ideas for Tech Junkies

In an age where technology is advancing swifter than ever before, it doesn’t take long for “keeping updated” to become increasingly expensive. Fortunately, there are some simple tech-savvy guidelines that you can follow that can save you hundreds of dollars every year as discussed below.

Wait to Update your Gadgets

In our modern age, new advances in technology are being released on a yearly basis. Although promises of new features and increased performance may make it tempting to upgrade imminently, it can pay off to wait until the initial hype has begun to die down. It’s far from uncommon for technology to go down in price after its initial wave of releases. Alternately, you could wait instead until the following big upgrade is released before deciding to upgrade yourself. Large companies tend to support previous generation devices for several years after their initial release, making waiting to upgrade a more user-friendly solution than ever.

Don’t Toss your Old Tech

Even though an updated version of your device has been released, your device may still be worth a fair amount of money. Some tech-stores will offer to buy back outdated phones, tablets, and gaming consoles, while older computers may still be worth decent money when refurbished or when recycled. Some companies, like Main Street Fibers, know that recycling is what the future relies on. Depending on the device, some technology (such as old video game consoles and first-generation iDevices, for example) may even be considered “antique” and be worth more than their original price.

Try Buying Used

Depending on what technology you’re looking to buy, it may be worth your time to search for the device second-hand, as opposed to buying it straight out of the box. This could be from a store that refurbishes used electronics, or from one of many websites available online. This can end up saving you more than half the original price of the device, although make certain that you know what you’re buying. Ask to test it out if you’re buying in person, or ask the seller any questions of doubts that you may have before deciding to buy.

Keeping up with the latest technology can be pricey, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Waiting to buy at a better price can greatly reduce the cost of upgrading, while properly selling the to-be-replaced technology can help reduce the cost even further. Most importantly, though, make sure to always weigh your options before making a pricey purchase. The easiest and most direct course of action is rarely the most efficient in the end.

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  1. I couldn’t really get new techs/gadgets when it’s newly released so what I do is wait for it to be cheaper, on sale, or just wait as long as I can get it at the right price. I agree not to sell old techs because you can still have a use for it in the future or help you get a new tech/ gadget you want.

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