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Making Money Online: the Business Strategies that Millenials are Making a Living Out of

We spend a huge portion of our lives glued to screens in the twenty-first century. No longer are we discussing literature, culture and art. Now we spend our time tweeting about the sexual politics of Love Island and how Kim Kardashian’s butt broke the internet. While this may seem like a whole heap of disaster for the older generation, the younger ones are finding creative ways to capitalise on our newfound technological obsessions. Take a look at how a few millennial entrepreneurs are starting to make money from their time spent online!

Affiliate Marketing

Ah affiliate marketing, the equivalent of going for dinner with a buddy and dropping products into the conversation every few minutes in the hope that they’ll buy one of them. How fun! Affiliate marketing is where a company promotes third-party products on their website or within their content. A prime example of this is voucher code websites, who capitalise on consumer spending by offering retailer discounts (on which they make a commission!) Sites like My Favourite Voucher Codes have utilised the evolving digital landscape in order to make money through affiliate marketing, and so have young people. Anyone with an active and popular website can make money through this method.

Instagram Followers Equals Money

That’s right, this is what the world has come to. The more followers you have on Instagram, the more likely you are to get paid for posting about products. Millennials, of course, have fine-tuned tools for tapping into the birch tree that is acquiring followers. Thirty thousand or more could land you a pretty attractive mound of money for a single post. Here are a few of the things that millennials do in order to grow their network:

Post regularly:

Posting regularly is always going to be one of the main ways that you can increase followers on your profile. Once a day at the most, once a week at the least!

Posting things that people like:

There is no point in posting about your commute to work every day **Yawns**. Post about the things that people are talking about now. Post controversial opinions, arguments and tap into pop culture left, right and centre!

The perfect pictures:

There is no denying it, if you want to gain followers on Instagram then you will have to be a great selfie extraordinaire (and maybe even a little photoshop savvy too!)

Having an active life:

Let’s face it, no one wants to follow someone whose feed is full of half asked photos of their dinner. We want to travel, adventure, extreme sports and fun! Most young Instagram influencers use Quiksilver deals to stock up on surfing gear. Not that they actually want to surf, they just need photos that make it look like they are!

Writing For Online Publications

Aha! This is the one that we really love. After all, TechSling itself is an avenue that promotes writer involvement online! We spend so much of our time writing social media updates and messaging friends that we may as well write full articles on the web as well! Better yet if we get paid for it!

Becoming YouTube Famous

What about those who don’t like to write? They can vlog! People can actually make a whole heap of money by uploading content to YouTube. If you have personable charisma, specialist knowledge and like to earn money, then YouTube could be for you. Ryan ToysReview, a YouTube channel that sees a little boy review different toys, is estimated to have made $11 million in twelve months. WOW. I know. Here are some tips for aspiring YouTubers:

Be different:

Don’t do the same thing as everyone else. If everyone is dubbing popular music videos, then do something else. YouTube is an oversaturated space full of people battling one another for views. Don’t follow the crowd, you’ll never make money doing something that everyone else has already done!

Utilise specialist knowledge:

If you have knowledge about something that a lot of people don’t have but may want to have knowledge about then be sure to share it on YouTube. You may just be on to a winner!

Be funny:

YouTube is renowned for its funny videos. In fact, I would bet that a lot of people spend their Saturday evening catching up of the funniest videos on the internet at the moment. Just me? If you have something funny to say then cash in on it!

There are so many ways that young people are making money online, and these are just a few of them. So if you are feeling a bit internet savvy then why not give it a try for yourself? You might end up being positively surprised, maybe even rich!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. PraveenRathour

    July 2, 2019 at 4:29 pm

    I really Want To know about affiliate marketing and its effectiveness in the world. I want to earn money with online work. please help me.

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