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Best Practice Tips for Effective SMS Marketing Every Marketer Needs to Know

In other to give your marketing strategy a different dimension, there is a powerful solution to it which is SMS marketing. The SMS pricing can vary and the high rate speaks for themselves. This SMS marketing messages are opened to about 99%. approximately 95% of SMS marketing messages are received and read within 10 minutes without delay.

Consumers in the US love to receive customer support through a text messaging service and these stats only helps the surface of much benefits to online brands. mobile marketing has really improved, the performances of smartphones have gone to high growth, through mobile, marketing has a great future ahead.

You shouldn’t feel surprised that SMS marketing has gone to a higher scale and its the fastest growing marketing strategies within small investment on businesses. But in other to love and gain profit in mobile marketing, the following messaging marketing tips will be of great help to you. SMS marketing has rules to understand it effectively.

In the US spamming is regulated heavily. The ACT 2003 CAN-SPAM guards consumers from receiving unauthorized marketing ads. through an opt-in solution, permissions are required from customers.

The unique way or practice to avoid sending unapproved mobile ads is to invite customers to take maximum advantage of special offers. they are required to send a follow-up email once signed up requesting approval to add them up to your preferred SMS list.

To increase ROI here are the best SMS practices.

Businesses of small capacity can reserve and send campaign messages to there established loyal customers. To gain effective strategies from SMS marketing, special offers are been giving to your special customers to enable a good business bond via SMS, interaction is been made easy and fast with customers at a higher scale.

Personalised SMS marketing messages, can serve as a good strategy to conduct customer care and aftercare services so as to increase and strengthen bonds with customers.

When sending SMS messages, be selective

If SMS marketing is not carefully used well, it can make customers to lack interest in you if you send irrelevant and unnecessary messages to them. so it’s advisable to understand the needs of your customers before sending messages to them.

Some customers do not tolerate many messages at the same time. so it’s better not to invade the privacy of your customers. few casual messages per month are appreciated.

SMS messages should be short and concise

Only 160 characters of space are given to work within SMS messaging. If used wisely, you can tell your customers about your offers and the advantages they will gain in your products and services.

For shortcodes it is best to keep the numerical sequence memorable – typically with a recurring set of numbers such as 44454 and the product you are advertising.

Your SMS messages will look something like 25% off men’s suits. TXT SUITS to 44454. Absolutely SMS marketing is made easy.


With the high scale and rise of mobile marketing, it will be of great advantage if marketers adopt SMS messaging services as their new business strategy for 2019.

Finally, mobile ad spend is created to increase to an estimated $300 billion over the next few years. In which case, the best way to increase your marketing strategy to higher capability is to use SMS marketing.

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