Connecting Computers Made Easy and Affordable

Small offices can now rejoice as the options in establishing a network of computers are now becoming not only varied, but also more affordable.  Gone are the days when networking solutions were made available only to big offices and companies that were willing to spend thousands of dollars on equipment, cables, and other materials needed to establish an efficient computer network. Nowadays, even small businesses can purchase routers and switches, which are essential in completing a small office or even a home network.  Prices of these equipment pieces have also gone down as more and more manufacturers have joined in the bandwagon to provide cheaper and more affordable solutions for the market.

connecting computers

Another reason to rejoice is that equipment manufacturers have finally seen the potential for growth in smaller devices that specifically cater to a small or limited number of computers.  This would mean that prices of these equipment are becoming more affordable to people who want to organize their computers at home or establish a small network at their offices that only have a limited number of employees. Retailers are also finally seeing the light on this matter, as there are those who are now focusing in giving solutions to the concerns of small home and office networks.

Systems integrator usually cater for large companies that have a huge number of computers to be connected to each other.  For them, it means more money and bigger business, so they usually turn away potential clients they think have little income potential, like small offices.  Good thing, there are companies that have emerged like Kanex Live. They provide innovative connectivity solutions based on Apple and iOS platforms to small businesses and homes having a hard time doing so on their own.  Their products are mostly for Apple products, but that shouldn’t be taken against them since most home users seem to prefer Apple and Mac products as they are deemed to be more user-friendly and easier to learn and understand.

One of the up and coming products they offer is the Thunderbolt cable.  Apple has introduced this cable by including it in some of their products in early 2011. This is the result of their collaboration with another IT company, Intel.  It is said to be more efficient in the transfer of data from one piece of equipment to another.  The great thing about this product is that it combines two kinds of cable that could transfer data and images or video into a single one.  This compact cable can transfer data and high-resolution videos simultaneously at faster speeds.

Thanks to this innovation, accessing data and video from an external source has become faster and work has become more efficient for those dealing with images like photography shops, video editing business, and the like.  The Thunderbolt cable has helped them cut their working time in half because the uploading and download ing of data from an external hard drive source has become faster.  Those people who deal with data heavy on images and videos sincerely welcome this new development.

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