Effective Blogging Tips You Should Know

You are able to write your blog with excitement for some weeks and after that you begin to wonder why you are investing so much time and energy into blogging. In reality, successful blogging means getting traffic, feedback, and people answering your content or post. Thus, starting a blog might indicate that you are going on the right way towards achieving your goal of becoming a successful blogger.

No matter what your blogging targets, I have put together the following great tips to help create a powerful and successful blog:

  • Compose great content. Blogging isn’t a regular profits pitch. For those who have great content, people definitely will click to find out more about you.
  • Use trackbacks when linking to other sites so that they know you’ve linked in with them. This may help to attract more traffic for your own blog.
  • Post daily or every couple of days so that search engines can keep visiting your blog regularly.
  • Be concise. Never write extraordinary lengthy blog posts. Break your articles into several parts to ensure that they are easily readable.
  • Utilize keywords in your text. WordPress bloggers can make use of an SEO plugin that makes it possible to ¬†target keywords.
  • Post about relevant or specific topics. People will return if you publish your blog on the topic they are looking for. If required, have different blogs for different topics so that you can retain specialized niche visitors.
  • Use multi-media such as videos or audio in addition to text and pictures. It’s very simple to create a video with, for example, MovieMaker.
  • Study and subscribe to other blogs so as to understand what is happening in your specific area of interest.
  • Reply to comments from visitors or subscribers and answer questions.
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  1. Thanks Liza for Wonderful Tips
    As I have just started with blogging I am unable to Figure out what should be the Ideal Lenghth of the Articles so they won’t be Blacklisted by Google?

  2. The tips you mentioned are quite useful, I never used trackback option, but after reading your post I feel it is a great option to build relationship with other bloggers. I want to know is this possible that we can target keywords in free wordpress blog or not.

  3. Hi Liza,
    nice post with great information and I totally agree with you that for successful blogger we have to update our blog regularly and also have to makes links with other blog and I think that design of blog is also an important factor that helps to attract readers. Thanks for sharing this tips.

  4. Hi Liza, your tips seem to be really helpful for the beginners and for experienced bloggers as well. The blogging world changes every day, some SEO techniques which has worked before the Panda and Penguin updates, doesn’t work any more. But I cannot tell you how glad I am because you started your list with the CONTENT! Actually, that’s what most people forget about when they start their blog just for SEO and traffic generation reasons. I still believe in the content-is-king theory, with a crappy content without any valuable information, there aren’t any optimization tricks which can build up trust to your site.

  5. Good content combines with a great way to present that content can do wonder for the blogger. He should keep in mind to reply back to the comments left by readers and subscribers because that improves the blogger’s online reputation.

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