REVIEW: Should I Use A Trojan Remover?

Removal and cleansing of viruses and bugs in a software program has become a major challenge for everyone who uses a computer system particularly because it is crucial to keep the system secure and protected so as not to harm important data stored in it. If preventive measures are not taken the presence of malicious programs such as Trojans and viruses may ultimately lead to a system crash.

Trojans are popularly known as one of the most harmful malicious programs out there. They are a hazard to safe and sound computing. Consequently, if your PC has been infected with Trojans, you require an effective Trojan Remover to save your system. Trojan Removers are written to help in the elimination of Trojan Horses and Internet Worms in situations when standard anti-virus software programs are not very successful. Therefore, a Trojan Remover facilitates the extermination of Malware like Trojan Horses, Worms, Adware, and Spyware.

How A Trojan Remover Works

Trojan removers assess system files, the computer registry, software programs and files that are normally loaded at boot time which is when most of these nasty programs load. By doing so a Trojan remover scrutinizes all the above-mentioned files for Adware, Spyware, Remote Access Trojans, Internet Worms and other malware. Apart from that,  it also verifies whether the operating system loads services which are concealed by Rootkit techniques and cautions you if it finds any.

The fact that most modern Malware programs are memory-resident makes their de-activation tough. However, every time the system identifies any Trojan Horse, Worm, or other malware, the Trojan remover pops up an alert screen which provides information about the file location and name. This helps in the removal of the program’s reference from the system files and gives you the chance to rename the file so as to stop its activation.

Other Functions

You may recall many instances when you were asked to start your computer in ‘Safe’ mode or in an adverse situation in DOS mode. This is the task of a Trojan remover. For example, when a Trojan remover finds Malware that is memory-resident, it instantly re-starts your system if requested and totally stops the Malware before Windows restarts. Furthermore, Trojan removers write a comprehensive log file each time they perform a scan. This log file keeps you informed on which programs load at boot-time, and what actions a Trojan Remover carried out. The log file can be viewed and printed using Notepad.

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  1. That’s very interesting but don’t many anti-virus programs have functionality similar to this?
    If not, then I think it’s just a matter of time. And scanning your system while in safe-mode is always a smart thing to do manually.

  2. Trojan virus is one of the biggest problems because it cause everyone so many problems with computers! But I haven’t heard before about this program “Trojan remover”, I will certainly check it out.thanks a lot

  3. Trojan remover seems to be effective for the Trojans. My system was also affected by Trojan Horses and Worms many times. And to sort all things back to normal took lot of efforts. The way it works is very impressive. This seems to be a secured way to protect our PC. Thanks for sharing such useful information!

  4. The issue of Trojans should be handled with proper care. It is very difficult to solve the problem of Trojans. There is lot of risk involved this. As they damage the whole system, securing important documents is the vital factor. And for this Trojan Remover is the best solution I think. Also it’s other functions are good. Will surely check it out for my system. Thanks!

  5. Trojan remover is important because it can help you in protecting your website Also, it can they can easily detect the viruses that can enter your website or not. A lot of social networking sites benefited from using Trojan remover because it is free to use. Thanks for the review, it is good.

  6. Unfortunately, I have to use on in the past, as my only other choice was to reformat my hard drive. I have to say, it worked great, and quickly with no additional damage done.

  7. My parents just picked up a trojan this morning. I used one of the free versions and it was removed. The worst part is that their paid version allowed the trojan to install..

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