College Laptops That Are Making The Grade!

Years ago, students did not have laptops to help with their college studies, today, there are only a few students without them. It is no surprise that on most college students’ shopping list are the latest electronic gadgets and a laptop—having a laptop simplifies the whole college experience, from note-taking to paper-writing. Here are some of the top-rated laptops on campus.

• MacBook Pro

It is no surprise that one of the most popular laptops on the market is the MacBook Pro. According to statistics, more than 27% of all college students in the United States own this laptop. What is so great about a MacBook Pro that makes students and parents willing to pay a little more for them? The Mac OS X operating system is one of the finest made. It has built-in defenses which ensure that the student’s laptop is safe. In simple terms, it operates the Internet quickly and allows students to do a lot of amazing things. The number one reason why MacBook Pro is so popular is that it does not get viruses. They are not subject to the typical PC viruses such as worms or Trojans. These viruses are based on Windows operating systems and cannot affect an Apple machine.

• Dell Latitude

Dell computers have also held their own in the college scene. This company is responsible for there being a Dell computer in almost every classroom in America. The Dell Latitude has topped the charts as one of the most user- friendly college computers. Not only does it have a sleek appearance but it also allows one to work from a wireless network. It has a powerful Intel processor and has a 120G hard drive. Students will also enjoy the built-in CD burner.

• Toshiba Satellite E205

This is one of Toshiba’s most popular models being used in college classes. The Satellite features a 500 GB hard drive with a 4GB/DDR3 Ram memory. It also has an optical drive with label flash that is great for putting presentations on DVD format. The optimal memory allows students to organize and store class information and assignments, while still having powerful Internet speed for research or browsing.

No matter which one of these popular brands a student chooses, it is always a good idea to research and compare prices before purchasing. A laptop can be and indispensable tool for research, storage, and for entertainment. Since students spend time finding the best college for them, it only makes sense to also spend time in selecting the right educational tools.

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Jenny Masterson is a career advisor and also contributes content for, a website providing college reviews as well as a multitude of online computer degrees listings.


  1. I am using Toshiba and I love this… I have no plans on switching to other brands.. Thank you for sharing the choices…

  2. I love the Mac Book Pro! I have owned one for 3 years now and I would never go back to owning a PC. They are almost impossible to get viruses on so I am never in need of a Computer Support Specialist, which I found myself visiting far to often with my PC.

  3. Macbook PRO – it’s brand is considered as one of the most expensive laptops we have right now. Yet, the features of it are truly unbeatable. Just like what you’ve said, this laptop is protected from any viruses and this problem is the most common issue among students. They are having a problem transferring one file to other computers because of this.

  4. If I was still going to college I would use a macbook air, and use a different laptop at home.
    I am not a big apple fan, but I am also not a big fan of carying a heavy laptop around everywhere. The macbook air still has a large screen and normal size keyboard but is so slim and light you barely know you are carying it.

    But thinking about it, if I was still in college I would probably not have the money for such an expensive laptop.

  5. very intersting blog,you`ve given some very interesting options, personally i prefer toshiba although i must admit it is big and heavy.what do others think?

  6. While it’s true that the Mac OS isn’t target as much as Windows for viruses, I don’t know if that justifies the extra cost in itself (I guess I’m just a Microsoft fan). I definitely like your Toshiba suggestion. Toshiba wins my vote for best student laptop hands-down.

    I work on a lot of computers for a living. As popular as Toshiba laptops have become on campus, I rarely get asked by a student to look at them for hardware issues.

  7. Macs are no longer as safe as they were before from virus attacks. Hackers have learnt how to exploit macbooks to send viruses and trojans to macs too. Putting the virus threats aside, macbooks are still very appealing to students due to the marketing efforts that Apple has placed in their products. Whether its the iPod or iPhone, anyone caught with them would be deemed “cool”. For students, that could be a major factor.

  8. “A laptop can be and indispensable tool for research, storage, and for entertainment.”

    This is a good list of laptops. It is worth noting that with the amount of work people now do on their laptops, it’s always good to have a plan of how to keep this work/data safe from loss.

  9. Some girls prefer Macbook air because of its light weight. With so many laptops on the market, many of them are having very similar specs and features. Since most of them are using the Windows 7 or Mac OS, there are only a very small difference when it comes to software. The determining factor is the weight, battery life, and cost. Too bad no one has created a laptop that is dedicated to college students.

  10. For me am more of old style when it comes to laptops. I know that Toshiba has been in the market for many years. As such, I tend to trust them more than Dell. But quite frankly am developing secret desires for a mac:-) But the price is not friendly.

    1. I like toshiba only, its in market from so many years.. Its really old brand than dell, i have 3 toshiba laptops and i really have trust on toshiba more than dell or other brand. i cant comment anything about mac….
      Thank you!

  11. I used to use MacBook when I was student of first year. But nowadays I am using Hp. Now I want to change the laptop and purchase new one. Wow Toshiba Satellite E205 is looking really cool for me. I would surely go for this one.

  12. I had a Dell Inspiron as a teenager and it seemed clunky (and gave off a really strange high-pitched feedback sound!) compared to my Macbook Pro. 🙂 I’ve had my macbook for years now and still love it, beyond college! No weird noises, either! 😛 Maybe Dell has improved since then, though.

  13. Thank you a bunch for sharing this with all people you really know what you are speaking about! Bookmarked. Kindly additionally discuss with my website =). We could have a hyperlink exchange arrangement between us!

  14. I agree that macs are overpriced turds, I’m forced to use them at UC Davis and they frequently crash whenever I try to use photoshop or windows parallel to get to autoCAD. To actually get my work done I have to fight to get on one of the few remaining PCs in my building, an aging Dell dimension which still has more power and functionality than the newest macs on campus. Pretty sad. I think mac users are bitter when they purchase these laptops for 2,500 dollars and then are forced to keep buying software (like parallels) and adapters to make them actually work like a basic $700 laptop. It is hype and (I hate to use the term) peer pressure that makes people buy macs. Not to mention, go talk to the people in line at the mac store and see how they feel about mac’s customer service…

  15. I don’t know if I would agree about the Dell. I have been using one of their Inspiron models for years. It has been durable, but often felt underpowered compared to other laptops with similar specs.

  16. It is amazing how quickly things change. When I was in college very few people could afford a laptop. They were devices that spies had on movies. Of course, back then we met girls on yahoo chat and had no idea what a facebook was.

    Now, it is hard to go anywhere without seeing someone with a laptop or a tablet.

  17. Currently i am using Lenovo and i am very satisfied with its performance and features but it is little heavy. So that i want to change my laptop. I’ll go for Macbook Air. It is really light weight and has many exicting features. By the way thanks for your kind informative blog.

  18. I think MacBook Air is the best laptop available today its stylish, have latest hardware and features and very light in weight. I’ll give 9 marks on scale of 10 as it is the best.
    Some ultrabooks are also good but I think all of them are copy of MacBook Air.

  19. I am using Dell and there is no good alternative of it. It has good performance, original parts and good onsite warrenty.Most interesting thing is user friendly website to order,home delievery and EMI options are also available which is good for students from low class families.

  20. Good post. there were some deep thoughts in the author’s post. I have bookmarked this executive site. Keep up the good work. I would love to see more of such fernvale post.

  21. I have a mac and it is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. It’s such a reliable laptop and I know that if anything happens to it (not likely) that the customer service at Apple is extremely helpful and friendly.

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