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13 PDF Tasks You Can Do with Able2Extract

Every business professional knows that today’s office work involves handling a lot of different documents. As you’ve probably noticed, the majority of those are saved and shared in the Portable Document Format (PDF). This is because PDFs are not editable and they keep the document visually intact, on any device or platform. In short, it is a perfect format for preserving any sensitive data or important information.

However, this is not always a good thing. Sometimes it is necessary to change the data inside your PDFs and anyone who’s worked with PDF files knows that it is not an easy task.

It may sound simple, but the solution requires document management software that can convert the content from your PDFs into editable file formats.

In addition, if you only want to make some minor text edits, there is a faster option. Now, you can quickly edit the PDF document without the need to convert anything.

Able2Extract 10 is the kind of software that can do all of the above. Available for Windows, Linux, and Mac, it offers PDF editing, creation and conversion features that any business person will appreciate.

The interface is intuitive and easy to work with, without the unnecessary options that can keep you distracted.

Here are 13 PDF tasks you can do with Able2Extract:

  1. Create a PDF directly from your desktop

Right-click on your desired file and select the Print option. The Able2Extract Print Dispatcher window will appear, so you can create and open your new PDF document.

  1. PDF creation within Able2Extract software

There is an option to create the PDF right inside Able2Extract from any supported format. Simply click on the “Create” button and select a document you would like to open as a PDF.

  1. Convert PDF to MS Office

Able2Extract is one of the best PDF converters on the market. You can convert any PDF document to Word, Excel and PowerPoint, in no more than 3 clicks. Conversions are fast and incredibly accurate.

  1. Convert PDF to AutoCAD

Able2Extract efficiently converts PDF to the two most popular AutoCAD formats (DWG and DXF) while fully retaining document layout and objects. It can also convert individual tables from your drawings.

  1. Password-Protect Your Files

Through its advanced PDF creation features Able2Extract gives you the possibility to password protect your PDF from being opened or modified by unauthorized users.

  1. Add Text To Your Content

With an integrated PDF text editor, you can modify size, font, and text colors. All changes are instant and visible on the spot.

  1. Remove Text Blocks

Select the “Delete” button to remove whole blocks of text within one click. You can also remove images and almost any content from your PDF file.

  1. Move And Rotate Pages

Select and move any page across the document within seconds. If you need to adjust images, graphs or tables, use the rotate option.

  1. Delete One Or Several Pages

When you wish to get rid of unnecessary or blank pages, just use this option to delete them and make your PDF content more attractive and usable.

  1. Scale And Resize Any Individual Page

You can use this feature to scale a page by percentage, together with its content. Click on the “Resize” button and the pages will be resized leaving the content and annotations unaltered.

  1. Split PDF Documents

Quickly split or extract PDF pages from your currently opened  file. Just select one or several pages and save them as a new separate PDF file.

  1. Merge Multiple PDFs Into One Large File

Select the desired place in your currently opened file and insert any page from a completely different PDF. Save your edited PDF to complete your new changes.

  1. Batch Conversion

Use this option to select several PDF files for conversion into your desired output. After clicking “Convert” the files will be converted to your selected file format and into your designated folder.

In addition to writing about the latest PDF and tech trends online, Reena Cruz loves to write about social media and productivity in the workplace on the blog. Find out more at @able2extract.

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