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10 Benefits of Camping Outdoors

Camping outdoors offers many benefits both for your physical health and mental health. Here are 10 benefits that will push you to go camping.


Millions of Americans go camping every year. People camp outdoors with their family and friends and even go for company retreats. In fact, all around the world, people seek out the outdoors in order to reconnect with nature.

These days, with the world surrounded by technology at every turn, people seek it out even more. They go on digital detoxes and cleanses. And you know what? It actually works.

So here are 10 camping benefits not just for your physical, but also mental health.

1. Peace and Quiet

The number one reason you should go camping is to get some peace and quiet. The noise you experience in cities doesn’t just raise stress levels and increase anxiety, it also results in hearing loss. Getting some peace and quiet has become a luxury in most urban areas and it shouldn’t be. So you should go camping truly to get away from it all.

2. Fresh Air

There’s really no comparing the air quality of the outdoors to that of a city. If you’re near a lot of trees and clear blue skies, there’s a lot more oxygen for you to breathe. Not only does that elevate your physical health, but also leads you to feeling happier and more refreshed.

Your body can truly function without much strain and this improves your blood pressure, digestion, and immune system. If you just spend a few days outside, you’ll be able to see these benefits first hand.

Also, for those that have asthma or other breathing-related problems, you should jump at the opportunity of camping. It will do wonders for your lungs and for your stress levels. The idea of not having to deal with the gases and the refuse from industrial waste or tailpipes feels like heaven.

3. Movement and Exercise

Obesity is on the rise and diabetes, heart problems, anxiety and strokes are all rising every year. Our lack of physical movement is partly to blame for all of this. Not only do we eat the oiliest, greasiest food in the history of humanity, but we also don’t exercise at all.

Our movement is extremely restricted within cities and we use cars and trains and buses to get everywhere. When you’re in the outdoors you really only have your feet and the path in front of you. You can get a lot more exercise this way than you would in the city. Not only will your resting heart rate go down, but you will feel much better.

4. Stress Reduction

Study after study has shown that living near the outdoors can positively affect your mental health. Living in the hustle and bustle of the city never gives you a moment to breathe. It puts a strain on your mental health since you’re always waiting for another sound.

Digital devices have compounded that since we receive so many notifications every single day. Leaving that life behind for a few days or a few weeks results in much greater stress reduction than before.

5. Chance to Bond with Friends and Family

The fast pace of city life and today’s digitized world rarely lets you bond with your friends and family. Take this opportunity in the outdoors to reconnect with them. You can have all the time you need to lay under the stars. You can even take a walk with your spouse or your friend or your brother.

The outdoors provides you with the peace and quiet you need to reflect on the meaningful things in life. You can have a heart-to-heart with your family or friends and connect with them on a deeper level than before. After all, what’s a family trip or a boy’s trip without the obligatory epiphany?

6. Better Sleep

In the city, you can never be sure to get a good night’s sleep unless you’re a very heavy sleeper. Even then, the odd car alarm going off, notifications in the middle of the night, or random beeps wake you up. Also, exposure to the light of so many screens that you sit at every day messes with your sleep patterns. To top it all off, staring at your phone while lying in bed can prevent you from going to sleep early.

Hence, sleep patterns are disturbed all the time when you live an urban lifestyle. This prevents you from having deep, restful, REM sleep. This is something that you’ll appreciate about camping outdoors. It’s perhaps the best of the outdoor benefits. Not only will a good night’s sleep be within reach, but it will help you feel more refreshed and more rested.

7. Vitamin D Boost

When you’re living in the outdoors, you definitely get more sunshine, and that results in getting more vitamin D. This is great for people of all ages. Getting enough vitamin D accelerates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus into your system and thus results in stronger bones.

For older people and those in their middle ages, it’s also a great way to stay healthy and happy. You may have heard the old expression, “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” That’s true for more than sprucing up dark and dingy rooms. Exposure to sunlight has been known to lift moods and improve your overall outlook on life.

8. Digital Detox

This is something influencers and YouTubers talk about all the time now. It’s basically decoupling from your digital devices and social media completely. This has become necessary for the mental and physical health of certain people. This detox is possible only when you go camping outdoors and leave all the devices behind.

9. Connecting with Nature

When you’re camping, you get to see nature up close. This doesn’t just pertain to beautiful lakes and lush green trees, but also to the wildlife. Cities have completely become bereft of wildlife like beautiful birds, squirrels, etc. Seeing these critters hop around and climb trees will make your day. It will make the forest or jungle that you’re in feel alive. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

Your family or friends will have a chance to connect to nature like never before. You shouldn’t waste this opportunity by whipping out a camera and documenting all the wildlife you see. Taking a few snaps is fine but that shouldn’t be your prime directive. You should enjoy basking in the glow of nature and taking in all the sights and sounds.

10. Reduced Inflammation

Medical studies have shown the inflammation levels in the body have grown at very alarming rates in the past 2 decades. This is particularly true for citizens of the US. There are a lot of causes for this including genetics, but a primary trigger is an unhealthy lifestyle.

Camping helps to reduce stress and encourages a more active lifestyle. This reduces your level of stress and reduces exposure to harmful pollutants. Your body’s level of inflammation can be reduced significantly as a result.

If you’re looking for an enriching experience in the outdoors for yourself and your loved ones, contact Desert Safaris.

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