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10 Awesome Tools to Promote Your Mobile Apps

The usage of mobile phones has augmented exponentially over the decade. Due to advancements in technology, the mobile phones have become smarter, uber-convenient, user-friendly and utilitarian. A host of applications has further added to their utility.

Smartphones have made our lives simpler. A plethora of apps are available for smartphones that offerincredible features such as photo editing, chatting, video calling, banking, shopping, food ordering, cab booking, health tracking and much more.

Mobile applications are all the rage and app developers earn hefty amount of money through their app. That is why copious of entrepreneurs are gearing to launch mobile applications. However, merely launching an app is not enough to earn big.

The application should reach the target audience to get the kind of response you are expecting. For this, you’ll have to promote your app. According to an article posted in Forbes, if you don’t advertise your app properly, it will be lost in the pool of apps.


Let us now look at 10 amazing tools that can help you out to promote your mobile app:

1.     Gummicube

Just as a website needs to be optimized for search engines to reach the target audience, the app must also be optimized for the app store. Your app should be optimized for organic search so that any user looking for anapp similar to yours can see your app in search results.


Gummicube is an awesome tool that offers you services such as App Store Optimization, analytics technology, and mobile marketing. It aids you to nail the ASO and reduce your user acquisition costs. It promotes your app and drives several users.

2.     Localytics

Apps are designed to drive users, and a thorough understanding of the users helps in designing better engagement strategies. Better engagement leads to tremendous growth. Localytics is an app marketing tool that makes use of data to market your mobile app.


The tool is a must-have for all the app developers and marketers. It provides useful insights about the target users and aids in formulating well-targeted strategies and marketing automation. It efficiently promotes your app thereby increasing its reach.

3.     UsabilityHub

After you have created the app and you’re set for its marketing, it is better to conduct user testing of the app. Testing gives insights that prove helpful in enhancing the features, interface, UX and improvising the marketing strategies accordingly.


UsabilityHub is a platform that helps app developers to test the app so that they can analyze what’s working fine for them and what needs to be improved. This helps in designing a better app with enhanced user interface and functionality that garners more users.

4.     App Flyer

App Flyer is an amazing tool that measures every single aspect associated with your app and helps in making better decisions. It offers mobile advertising and analytics solutions that support in identifying target users and developing strategies that cater to them.

App Flyer

It helps in segmenting the user market, optimizing the ad spend thereby boosting ROI. It provides real-time analysis, coherent and detailed report about the users. It is a must-have app marketing tool that is surely going to maximize the reach of your app.

5.     Urban Airship

This is another robust tool that aids in promoting your app thereby accelerating your growth. It helps the marketers to develop better marketing strategies to keep the user engaged. It tracks the interaction of the users and provides data that can be used to derive higher results.

Urban Airship

It offers myriads of services like in-app messages, digital wallet, message center, push notifications, customer churn predictions, mobile analytics and real-time marketing API. It provides customized and targeted solutions for efficient onboarding of the app.

Power of Mobile

6.     GetSocial

It is an all-in-one marketing tool that advertises your app and assists in effectual monetizing via the app. It offers valuable marketing tools that spread your app to reach its potential users. It follows the mobile growth stack to bump up your app’s social marketing.


This tool boosts the organic growth of your app by offering oodles of personalized solutions like push notifications, deeplinking, in-app chats, invites, and activity feeds. All these features keep the user engaged thereby accelerating growth.

7.     AppMonsta

AppMonsta is an awesome tool that enhances your app’s organic growth for theglobal app store. It provides useful information to developers to make better data-based growth strategies. It helps in tracking the app and gauging its effectiveness.



The tool provides important data for all the Google Playstore and iOS App store apps. It helps in discovering emerging apps and publishers that facilitates in planning future strategies for a steady growth in the app market.

8.     Apptentive

It is a powerful tool that offers mobile user engagement software so that the app marketers can conveniently implement engagement strategies within the app. These effective and user-oriented strategies amplify the growth of your app.



The platform also allows in-app communication with the users. The marketers can listen to their mobile customers and respond to them in a timely manner. The app can be improvised based on users feedbacks which accelerate customer retention and leads to better ROI.

Mobile Experience

9.     Appboy

Powerful strategies are merely not enough to grow your app, but you also need to build sound relationships with the users in order to reduce their churn rates.  Appboy is an incredible platform that empowers the marketers with marketing automation and engagement tools.





It helps the marketers to gather useful information and insights about the users which facilitate in formulating successful marketing strategies.The tool provides an array of robust solutions and engagement tools like push notifications, email marketing leading to enhanced ROI.

10. App Radar

It is an online platform that assists app developers to optimize their app for theapp store. It offers effective ASO solutions like keyword tracking and research that allows the developers and marketers to craft and manage their app listings for Google Playstore and iOS app store.



This tool supplies useful data to the marketers to enable them to make sound marketing strategies. It helps your app to be searched within the app store. The tool boosts the organic downloads of your app and drives more users thereby escalating growth.


Mobile apps are extensively used by the smartphone users. You can earn big by developing an intriguing mobile app. However, merely creating an application is not enough, you’ll have to market it to make it discoverable by the target users.

There are several awesome tools that can be used to promote your app. These 10 tools are simply the best. The tools will aid in developing powerful strategies, enhancing user engagement and customer retention, maximizing app reach and yielding better ROI.

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Anil Parmar is the co-founder of Glorywebs, an iPhone application development company that aims to help clients with web design, web development, digital marketing and more. Websites & mobile apps we develop have a common # 1 goal: Keep it as simple as possible for end users. Find him on Twitter @abparmar99 & say Hi!

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