7 Must-Try Facebook Apps

Facebook is the leading social network site with membership crossing the 1 billion mark very recently. The site is a huge canvas that lets friends and family share their pictures, videos and ideas with other users and allows them to chat round the clock and across the globe.

There are several programs that are available on Facebook, and almost all of them have been created with just one goal, to help the users enjoy life to the fullest extent as possible. The social networking site has several apps that are ardently used by members.

Here are some of the ones that are compelling and a pleasure to use.

  • Wildfire

This is a great app on Facebook that lets you conduct campaigns and helps publicize your views and ideas effectively. You may interact with several people through this app as the software program is one of the most user-friendly ones available. It is great for announcing contests and competitions that help with a marketing campaign and lets you interact with users of other social network sites as well. When others view your announcements they automatically share the same with their community and help give you excellent coverage.

Download:  Wildfire App

  • Yardsellr

This is the yard sale software app for Facebook. You can easily find out what is being offered from other vendors. In case you are a vendor yourself, people get to know the current market situation. Find out the best ‘yards’ being offered and view the details. You automatically become part of the online community and get access to all the information that gets posted and updated regularly. Get info on some prime blocks in your location through this app.

Download:  Yardsellr App

  • Causes

Causes is one app that lets you share some valuable information with friends and family. Use this app to make the public aware of important social issues and take the lead for a just cause. You can share photos and images related to a genuine cause and spend time that is worth your while and that of your friends and family.

Download:  Causes App

  • Slideshare

Slideshare is a wonderful app on Facebook that lets you share important slides and actually lets you organize slideshows for your friends and family. You can showcase the area of your expertise and wow your close friends and family with your amazing talents. You can use the app and produce  quality slideshows on 35 mm and share your wonderful experiences.

Download:  Slideshare App

  • Mindjolt

This is one app that gives you access to hundreds of games, all from your Facebook homepage. You can increase the tally of your scores and challenge your friends and give them a real jolt with Mindjolt.  The app lets you filter the scores and check who has been leading in the past week, month or till date.  The variety of  games you are given access to through this app is simply amazing.

Download:  Mindjolt App

  • Mafiawars

This is a popular game on Facebook that was developed by people who gave you the likes of Farmville and Café World. The story surrounds mafia gangwars with you and your friends playing mafia dons and hit men. It is a mad race to the top with ruthlessness helping you achieve anything by hook or crook. It has some great graphics and you will certainly love playing this game.

Download:  Mafiawars App

  • Café World

This app lets you have access to several products from Zynga,  whose presence on Facebook is evident for all to see. You can play a restaurant owner and can experiment with several recipes to give the best to your food connoisseur patrons. You have the option to employ your friends as waiters and chefs and let them serve choice food to your regular customers. It is a fun game that you will love playing.

Download:  Café World App

Facebook has been a part of our daily lives. Make your social networking experience better by trying one of these apps.

George Webber

George Webber is a freelance writer who writes about the latest in Entertainment, Social Media, Technology, Etc. Currently writing for www.1800cabletv.com – your gateway to the best deals on cable tv and Internet or Phone services.

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8 Responses to "7 Must-Try Facebook Apps"

  1. Sarah Park says:

    I love the Slideshare. I often use this to add color and art to my photos and videos.

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  2. Thomas says:

    Mafia wars has been so much on the hit list of people using Facebook. However, I have never tried that application and do not know the reason why? But now that you have listed it amongst the 7 must try applications on Facebook, I think I should try it as soon as possible.

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  3. What a great post. Bookmarking, sharing and tweeting. Great overview of what everybody in business needs to know about Social Media Marketing. Thanks!

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  4. Natasha says:

    Great post on FB apps. Slideshare is already my favourite app. I love using it for sharing PDFs and read useful PDFs loaded by other users. I have gained some good organic traffic to my sites from SlideShare. I never knew Causes before reading your valuable post, I think I must try it as it looks another interesting app. Bookmarking your post to come back for more interesting stuff.Thanks-Natasha

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  5. levon from datingsitesfree

    are ability to share information with one another to these new applications has increased exponentially.

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