How To Start Your Own Podcast

Podcasting is a fantastic way to reach out to people with your brand, blog, or business. It’s also a great way to add a touch of personality, make you feel more real to your readers, and build relationships within your niche. Just about anybody can create a podcast, it’s as simple as purchasing some inexpensive audio equipment and having something to say. This article will explain about podcast’s, and how to start your own.

What Is A Podcast?

A podcast is an audio file that’s distributed throughout the internet. A podcast can be anything you want it to be, and a person can download the audio file at any time. It’s not like the radio where if a person misses the broadcast, they’ll never be able to hear the audio recording. With most podcasts, there’s even an option to subscribe and have the podcasts downloaded automatically to a playlist, or sent to a person’s e-mail.

How To Create A Podcast

Here are some simple steps to start your own podcast.

1. Plan It Out

A podcast is a form of marketing, and an indirect flow of information. For this reason, it’s vital to plan out exactly what you want to say, and the order that you want to say it in. It also helps to keep a schedule. Podcasts often occur weekly, or every few days (like blog entries or video blogs). A schedule will provide users with something they can rely on, so they’re more likely to stick around. It also helps to create a niche (a “genre” of sorts). This will draw a specific audience, create less competition, and give your podcast a purpose. There are many niche’s to choose from. You can create a brand new niche, or choose one that gets lots of traffic with little competition.

2. Record and Create Audio

Before you start recording, make double sure that you have the right software. You’ll need a computer with internet connection, a working microphone (most computers have a microphone built-in), and audio recording software. Now, you simply have to put your equipment to work, and begin your podcast show. A podcast should have an intro and an outro. This might include music and an introduction with the name of the podcast or something similar. Be sure to use royalty free music, or a creative commons license.

3. Edit Your Recording

When editing your recording, note that you really don’t have to do anything fancy. You simply have to make sure that it’s professional and easy to understand. Try your best to get rid of any “Umm’s” or anything similar that can be heard in the recording. Take out any unpleasant noises, too, such as construction going on in the background.

4. Publish

There are a number of ways to do this, but, if you have a WordPress blog, it’s best to upload through there. First, download a podcast plugin. It’s best to find one that will make the podcast easy to download through a number of sources, iTunes in particular. It should also create a Podcast feed that will allow users to subscribe. Once you’ve found the right plugin, you simply have to specify your settings, and then upload.

Jessica Anderson is an Online Marketing Strategist with iPodder.org, a leading source for internet radio. She writes frequently on subjects related to entertainment, podcasting, and radio.

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One Response to "How To Start Your Own Podcast"

  1. Jessica,Nice article and good introduction to podcasting. Since your a WordPress fan, you might also check out the Mobile Podcaster app @ mobilepodcaster.com. It lets you record a podcast on your iPhone or iPad and upload directly to your WordPress site. It even creates the blog post for you and embed your audio. Personally, I like to use it with Blubrry Powerpress plugin … super simple.Thanks, Steinar

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