4 Important Tactics to Boost Seasonal SEO Traffic

Have you ever imagined if your SEO strategy would sustain your visibility during different seasons? If your answer is NO, then your business will suffer limited profit. Irrespective of your allocation regarding marketing costs and other solid business enhancing factors, the place of seasonal SEO traffic can’t be excluded.

What Does Seasonal SEO Traffic Mean?

If you are already employing the power of SEO tactics in your business, that indicates that you understand your clients and the likely keywords they can use when searching for the services you are rendering. With good keywords, you can build content that clearly addresses their needs in a concise and better way. However, seasonal SEO traffic can help you understand your audience further.

Seasonal SEO traffic applies the rudiment of a traditional SEO strategy to drive traffic base on the season that correlates with that particular period in time. Seasonal traffic is based on time (winter, summer etc.) and events (Christmas, New year and other festive seasons).

They are used to generate conversions within a short time frame. Although you can’t use your seasonal SEO optimized content all through the year, it assists you to meet the immediate need of your customers for a specific term.

Below are the critical tactics you should apply to boost your seasonal SEO traffic for high conversion.

1. Create an Effective Plan

Records show that publishing contents 5 days preceding a festive or holiday period can make you up to 50% of seasonal web traffic while publishing your content 45 days away can earn you 90% of holiday traffic.

Planning, creating and optimizing a good seasonal content consumes a lot of time and for you not to miss out, it is advisable you create solid plans months ahead.

While planning, think about the following:

  • Take note of the date and the specific event you want to tune your campaign to accommodate and the manner of campaign you want to run.
  • The relevant messages you want to convey your promotion with and how it agrees with the season.
  • Use the best searchable keywords that suits your brand.

Create and publish your content on the appropriate platforms where your consumers are likely to spend most of their time surfing. On a side note, you can also make use of these 5 free tools to manage your content creation team.

2. Create Awareness

Once your content is ready, start building awareness about what you are making up. Social media platforms and emails are the perfect mediums you can use to convey your promotional campaigns.

Ensure your message is rich enough to tip your audience about the holiday packages that are coming and also remind them to sign up for your newsletter or follow your social media handles to ensure they don’t miss out.

3. Integrate a good mobile plan

Most people do their holiday shopping via their mobile devices. Ensure your website is enchanting and responsive enough to attract your visitors. You should also consider integrating accelerated mobile pages (AMPs) for faster page loading.

4. Stay on Top of Your Game

During the holiday period, you definitely want to be on top of your game; tracking your website analytics is extremely important.  Examine your ranking and work on the areas that need improvement and figure out how to improve them.

Running paid advertising campaigns is another modern way individuals or businesses can use to attract traffic and high conversion rates for their brand.

Author Bio:

This guest article is a work of Sameer Panjwani, Founder & CEO of Directory Maximizer, a manual directory submission service that helps website rankings in SERPs. A man of many talents, Sameer is currently on a mission to help 1 million businesses grow organically through his products and services.

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