Learn How Connected Devices and the Rise of Data will Change Your Business

The Industrial Revolution has brought a flair of rapid evolution in this sector. It was a decade ago that the technology used by manufacturing, packaging or logistics sector was used with bare minimum modifications. The present-day scenario considers manually operated machinery obsolete. The industry is now dominated by automation driven solutions that are helping the businesses scale up in all aspects.

The pace at which industrial operations are developing, mutating, and adapting connected system is surprising. The businesses that have shifted to IoT solutions have seen an exponential rise in the way they are performing in the market. The baseline that differentiates them from others in competition is – Data. Correct interpretation and presentation of data can serve as the core of successful expansion.

Following are some of the used cases where businesses that adopted IoT services and enhanced the throughput and efficiency:

  • Healthcare and Medicine:

The field of healthcare has immensely evolved. The technology used in this sector has gone through multiple phases of change, and the advanced ones allow remote treatment for the ailed ones by sensor and connectivity technology. It not only saves the lives of people but also helps in saving resources. Apart from this, the doctor can track the patient’s health and manage the medication in real-time. The hospitals benefit from achieving the lowest cost of treatment and efficient and resource power management by cutting down the expense of logistics. It increases the life expectancy of the patients coming in by ensuring best in class treatment from skilled professionals only.

  • Car Services:

A person owning a fleet of cars can develop a business that works on the car-as-a-service model. Cars-as-a-Service is a concept wherein a fleet of connected cars is controlled by a central hub and monitoring unit. An individual who is need of a car can book or schedule their journey from a user portal. The person can walk to the pickup point, unlock the car with a digitally secure pin to the destination and securely pay in the end.

  • Retail Chain:

The store layout also attracts the customer and ultimately increases the sales of the store. It is at one glance that the customer determines and changes his will to buy a product. With the increase in walk-ins in the store, strategically aligned products lure the customers better. Understanding what is in demand, or what will be a hot selling product requires to determine the mood and behavior of the crowd around the store. With microprocessors and infrared radiations in the store, one can understand and analyze the behavior of the mass without keeping an eye on the activities. Once the consumer trends are maps, one can optimize the layout of the store.

The modern day businesses are not product driven; they are driven by the audience. Helping them have the best service and cost will prove beneficial for the business. It is the data collected by devices connected through the Internet of Things that brings the business owner close to consumer behavior, thus expediting the expansion too.


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