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How to Optimize App in Play Store for Android

App store optimization is a method of optimizing a mobile application to get the highest visibility as well as the highest conversion rate to install in the app store. Thus, ASO is not only about traffic, but also it is about conversion. Also, it is called “App store SEO” because of its association with web search engine optimization.  There are various app store optimization service methods so let’s have look:

Choose an Appropriate Icon

Make sure you choose the eye catchy icon. If you can’t think about what to use as an app icon, try summarizing the features of your app and finding an object the best represents each feature. Try not to include the chosen object into one logo and you will probably come out with something that looks original and abstract.

Nice bright colors can help with bringing attention too, and a high-quality picture can help. If you’re uncertain about colors or cannot make a high-resolution image yourself, this may be a good time to ask a professional’s view or look for someone to hire to do it for you.

Keywords Research

It plays a vital role in app store optimization because good use of keyword can land you into a more search, which opens up a large number of potential downloads. The initial step of using good keyword is to choose a relevant category for your app. While looking for keywords for your app target do not forget about “R.D. T” rule: Relevance, Difficulty, and Traffic. See at related apps to yours to get a proper category, and then read through some of the top search results to figure out the best potential keywords to use.

After that, find a lower difficulty score so that you will have the best possibility of being ranked. In case, if you have met these two rules, choose the ones with the higher traffic scores.

Furthermore, if you can find a large number of ASO keyword tools, that can provide you with support to find the best keywords for your app. There are various platforms on the market today such as Google auto suggest via the app store, google keyword planner, Thesaurus and mobile action.

Write A Catchy Description

You can explain what your app does and why the user should prefer your app. You have to use keywords for better matching here, but insert them in real language instead of listing them.

Your app description must have 4000 characters, so use them as possible. Make sure you list and describe all the details and features of your app.

Pick A Name

As we know, Google permits developers to include 50 characters in the App title, so use them carefully. Keep your brand name short, easy to spell and easy to remember for your users. Utilize the most important keyword alongside your brand name. This will help you to enhance your app keywords ranking. Once you choose a good name, you will probably feel more confident about putting it on the app store.

Choosing Screenshots

It is a very simple process and usually involves finding the most appealing aspect of your game and using those. Do not show unnecessary menus or setting pages and go for images that represent the app’s main purpose.

Promote Your App

When it comes to ASO, having a promotional video for your app is necessary. Google Play previously has this option where you can show your app through promotional video, so you must take benefit of it. Make your video understandable and short. Highlight the most important features of your app.

Use Analytics Tools

There are various tools that help you to optimize your app stores such as mobile action and sensor tower

Sensor tower has all the features that expert analysts look for, including tracking and keyword suggestion, related to other apps, app store integration. So, you do not need to check the app store console for your data.

Mobile Action has a shorter range of tools but is still very effective with App store optimization tools, for instance, suggestions, keywords tracking and research.

As you can see, there are different processes to optimize your app in the play store. Surely, this process will increase your installs, so the effort is worth the benefit. After following the above tips, App store optimisation service ultimately comes down to SEO, good imagination and a talent for writing a good description.

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