Top 5 Benefits of First Call Resolution

First call resolution (FCR), sometimes called “first contact resolution” is a key performance indicator for contact center effectiveness. First call resolution measures the ability of the contact center to resolve an incoming inquiry on the first attempt. Improvements in first call resolution often result in improvements in other key performance indicators, such as customer satisfaction and lower costs of resolving customer issues.

To improve first-contact resolution, the use of skills-based routing to route inquiries to the appropriate agent can increase the likelihood of an inquiry being addressed correctly with no need for follow-up. CRM integration that provides agents with appropriate and personalized customer information also makes it easier for agents to understand the context of customer inquiries and provide an effective resolution. Additionally, providing agents with more context (e.g., a customer’s previous transactions or call history) can enable agents to better serve customers and reach a resolution on the first call.

There are many benefits contact centers gain by resolving calls on the first attempt. Keep reading to learn more about the top five:

1. Better Customer Satisfaction

First call resolution is important because customers appreciate it when their needs are addressed and resolved quickly and completely. When agents are able to help customers in the first call, customer satisfaction increases. The end result is satisfied customers. These customers are more likely to recommend a company’s services to friends and family, thereby increasing overall conversions.

2. Reduced Operational Costs

First call resolution reduces the need for repeat calls and therefore drastically reduces costs. In fact, business consulting firm, Frost & Sullivan reported a 15 per cent improvement in First call resolution results in a 57 per cent reduction in repeat calls.

3. Increased Customer Loyalty

When customer issues and concerns are resolved on the first call, it can go a long way in building a solid relationship. Customers will feel like they are being acknowledged and valued by the company they’re doing business with. Ultimately, this helps prevent customers from considering switching to a competitor’s product or service. This improves customer retention and increases repeat businesses.

4. Opportunities to Upsell

When resolving customer issues in the first call, the customer will be open to upsell or cross-sell activities. The customer is more likely to listen to an agent’s offer for additional promotions, products or services. However, if a customer’s issue is not resolved, they will become frustrated and likely to take their business elsewhere in the future.

5. Reduced Employee Turnover

Each call a customer makes after the first call creates additional stress for contact center agents. The stress of dealing with frustrated, unhappy customers affects employee job satisfaction, negatively impacting the contact center’s employee turnover rate. When contact center agents are given the tools to resolve customer issues in a single call, agents are proud of their work and feel more confident. This is a win/win for contact centers as improved agent satisfaction reduces turnover.

First call resolution is one of the most important metrics for call center efficiency and customer satisfaction. Implementing a process for first call resolution will help reduce repeat calls from customers and improve overall customer satisfaction by resolving customer concerns and issues with their first contact.

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