First Time Login Guide for New Online Banking Users

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When using an online banking platform for the first time, you might have a lot of questions. It is possible to be afraid about the security of your personal data or about your bank account and whether hackers might access it. Hence, banks have an evolved security system, don’t hesitate to call the customer service and ask everything you have in mind.

Numerous banks have designed an online banking system to facilitate their customers’ online payments and help them check their account whenever they want. In this way, they avoid unnecessary trips to the bank, being able to learn all the information they need through a few clicks. Online Login Guides provides step-by-step login guides for different platforms or accounts. It helps to save a lot of time for users all over the world, so make sure you do your research properly.

First Time Login Guide

Using the Login ID

First, when you install the online banking app on your mobile phone or when you decide to access it on your computer, the bank will offer you a login ID. After you enter it, the next page that pops up will ask you to enter the last 4 digits of your SSN that will serve as a password. Then, you will be displayed with the bank’s online agreement. After you read it, you should select Agree and click Accept to proceed.

Set Up a Password

To establish your password for the first time, you will need to introduce the last 4 digits of our Social Security Number. Then, you can set up your new password and confirm it by entering it again. Make sure you choose a difficult password, with digits and characters. If you establish a complex password, it would be more difficult to hack. You can always choose a new ID, different from the one the bank has already provided, but this is optional. The last step is to click Continue.

Set Up Security Settings

After you have successfully logged in, you will need to set up your accounts’ security settings. First, you will use the Next and Previous buttons to choose the Personal Identification image. Not all banks may feature this option. In case it is available on your online banking account click to Submit after choosing the picture. It is important to check this image every time you log in, before entering the username and password. By clicking Continue, you will be able to set up your verification questions.

Next, you will have to follow the prompts to answer three security questions. In this way, the bank is able to verify your identity in Online Banking in case they notice unusual activities on your account. After selecting your questions and give your answers, click Submit. Then, enter your phone number and click Next. On the next screen that appears, you have to click Confirm.

Some online banking systems have an extra layer of security, using text messages to verify your identity. Therefore, when making an online transaction, you may receive an SMS from the bank to verify your identity and whether you have approved for that transaction or not. Besides introducing the phone number into the online banking system, you also have to specify the wireless carrier.

How to Reset Your Password

Some online banking systems from different banks feature a Password Reset characteristic. In this way, you will be allowed to change your password very quickly in case you forget the current one. Hence, you should first provide your answer when receiving the password reset question. Then, enter your current email address and a password reset question and the answer to it. This will give you a hint related to the password. Finally, click Submit.

Following these step by step instructions will help you learn how to better use the online banking system while also protecting your data. It is extremely important to use a safe wireless internet connection when trying to log in and avoid public ones. When setting up your password, keep in mind that an 8-digit password is not enough. Be very careful when you set up the security questions and answers to help you log in and verify your identity. This way, you will have a pleasant online banking experience.

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