TurboVape Ultra Portable Vaporizer Kit

Vape pens are an alteration to good old cigarette sticks to offer the same convenience, only in a safer, electronic and technological way and often more exciting. If you are of age and eligible within legal boundaries to light up a cigarette and take a puff or in this case use a vape pen, you have to be selective about which brand to go for and whether or not it serves you.

Having tried a number of these pens over the years, I was quite excited to see what TurboVape would offer as soon as I got my hands on it. TurboVape Ultra Portable vaporizer kit is a refined vape pen by the Chinese company and is one of two vaporizer kits by the company, unlike the other, the Ultra Portable vaporizer kit was designed to provide a portable option for vape pen users.

Why should you use TurboVape Ultra Portable Vaporizer kit?

1. Sleek design

The TurboVape Ultra Portable vaporizer kit has a soft streamlined shape design and a small size, what this does is that it makes it easy to handle (hold), the curved edges are comfortable between fingers and it has a grip mechanism to allow better grip despite its streamline. Other than these, it’s in a friendly pocket size to easily be carried around.

2. Easy refill

The vaporizer kit is designed to be refilled by changing the replaceable pod, which is available on sale for $35.99 on the website and any place you could get the kit. These replacement pods come in a pack of four pieces, each pod containing a 2ml capacity prefilled with a 7-16mg-nicotine strength containing liquid; the containing nicotine strength differs with the flavours (which has a good range). The prefilled replacement pods are designed specifically for the TurboVape Ultra Portable kit and will work only with it, but the great part is it takes seconds to switch this pod for a refill with a stronger nicotine strength that its competitions.

3. Battery and charging compatibility

The kit is made in a closed up system that contains a rechargeable 500mAh lithium battery which is long lasting and an LED indicator to show battery levels so that you may not walk around with its charger, but even if you do all you need is small micro USB charger that comes unsuited when you purchase the kit.

4. Flavours

The vape liquid contained in the replacement pods comes in seven different flavours that give the user an exciting switch of flavours. Tested was the Pineapple 7mg, Mint 9mg, Strawberry 7mg, Tobacco 7mg, Apple 7mg, Watermelon 7mg, and Tobacco 16mg.

5. Price

The cost of purchasing the TurboVape Ultra Portable kit and replacement pod is average at $45 and $35.99 respectively when compared to its competition in the market, which usually falls within a range of $20 to $100.

6. Warranty

Purchasing any TurboVape has a warranty clause on the site of a 30-day return policy, which is quite reassuring if you are looking to purchase one.

7. Usability

When using TurboVape Ultra Portable vaporizer, one has to put in mind the risks of using rechargeable batteries to avoid damage and injury. Other than that, the kit is easy to use with its draw-activated mechanism and any more information required may be gotten from its containing user guide.

In conclusion, the TurboVape Ultra Portable Vaporizer kit is designed to fulfil the need for portability and ease with vape pens while offering exciting flavours. Regular vape users, however, may need some getting used to.


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