DISH to Become the First Satellite TV Provider to Support Google Assistant

Early this year, DISH announced their plans to integrate Google Assistant with their satellite TV programming. As a result, DISH customers will be the first to voice control satellite TV using Google Assistant. The satellite service provider launched a voice remote back in 2016. Then just last year, DISH became the first TV provider to offer compatibility with Amazon Alexa. Building on their trend towards hands-free compatibility, DISH announced their intentions to expand voice control capabilities and make television watching as effortless as possible.

With a surge in interest for voice-control technology, many services have been racing to support Google Assistant. For example, people can now search through Food Network recipes using Google Assistant or ask WebMD questions about their health without manually typing in symptoms. Streaming services like Netflix and media players such as Chromecast, Nexus Player, and Nvidia Shield, have also worked to integrate Google Assistant.

What this Means for DISH Customers

With Google Assistant, DISH Network TV customers will be able to watch all of their favorite DISH satellite channels without picking up a remote. Users will be able to pause, play, fast-forward, rewind, and navigate the channel selection using their voice alone. You can search for shows based on channel number, title, genre, or actors.

People who have experienced DISH’s Hands-Free TVTM with Amazon Alexa have expressed how inconvenient is now feels to watch TV without voice control. With voice control, you don’t have to search for your shows manually or even remember what channel they’re on. For example, simply say “play This is Us” and the show will begin! No more clicking through channels or wasting time searching for the remote between couch cushions.

How to Use Google Assistant with DISH

Of course, you’ll need a DISH Network TV Package to take advantage of Hands-Free TV TM. Customers will be able to use Google Assistant to watch shows with DISH as long as they have the Hopper DVR, Joey client, or Wally Single-Tuner HD receiver. This device will need to be paired with the Assistant on speakers such as a Google Home, Android phone, or iPhone. This means that DISH customers won’t need an additional device to connect Google Assistant to DISH since many people already own a supported smartphone.

Using Google Assistant to watch DISH is supported in both Spanish and English. The integration isn’t yet available, though DISH announced that it will be revealed in the coming months. 

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