Scuba Diving in the Island of Gozo

Pristine crystal waters, white foam waves and vast seas that stretch out as far as the human eye can see. Those are the first things you get the moment you set foot on the shores of Gozo.

Located in the Mediterranean Sea, the beautiful rural island is part of and the second-largest in the Maltese Archipelago. Many tourists label the island to be ‘quiet’ and ‘peaceful’. Aside from the baroque churches, golden hilltops (as what the locals call them) and uncrowded cafes, there’s not that much to do in the streets of Gozo. But, head to the beach and it’s a whole new ball game.

Gozo has a scattering of small beaches that are so blue it puts Tiffany blue to shame. Their seas are lined with soft powder-like sand which is perfect for leisurely dips and snorkeling. One of the big things to do in Gozo, though, is scuba diving. If you see their surrounding waters, you’d want to dive in too.

Diving in Gozo

Though the island is fairly small, Gozo has over 50 dive spots that are easy to access from the shore and others accessible with a short boat ride. Because of the close proximity of the dive sites to each other, rough waters in one site won’t completely stop you from diving. You can simply move to another site.

The island boasts about their waters’ excellent visibility and steady diving temperature making scuba diving available all throughout the year. Their waters are always at a comfortable temperature that never goes below 13ºC so diving is an option regardless of the season.

Diving Centres

And because scuba diving is such a tourist-favorite activity, there’s definitely no shortage in diving centres in Gozo.  Most of the diving centres are located in the northern part of the island near the Marsalforn Bay like Scuba King and Atlantis Diving. The lower east side of the island provides diving services from Blue Water Diving Centre as well as the southern end of the island does from Extra Divers Gozo.

If you’re in the western portion of Gozo, you don’t have to book with a diving centre outside the area of your accommodation as they have St. Andrew’s Divers Cove there. All of Gozo’s diving centers follow Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) standards, rules and safety regulations. The diving centres in Gozo offer packages for as low as €25 per dive accompanied or courses to become a certified diver for a higher prices. Most diving centres also offer accommodation, transport services and tour packages.

Diving Sites

Scuba diving in Gozo is an easy 1-2-3 step with all the centres to choose from. There are plenty of dive sites you can indulge in – from coves to marine sanctuaries to ship wrecks – that would satisfyingly cater to your underwater adventure needs. Gozo’s South coast holds decommissioned ships that are perfect for housing marine life – Wreck P31 was purposely sunk in shallow water for beginners.

Shore dives are also an option for the time-bound divers. Blue Hole, Reqqa Point and the Inland Sea are the famous sites close enough from the shore. Dive sites that are inaccessible from the shore are offered for boat dives giving one the opportunity to explore the colorful reefs, underwater cliffs and caves famous for fish feeding like the Santa Maria Caves. 

Gozo, being one of the top diving destinations in the Mediterranean, will give you an experience like nothing before whether you are a pro-diver who has seen it all or a beginner looking to tick off a mark from a bucket list.

You can’t go wrong with spending your hard-earned buck on a diving session in Gozo. One session actually might not be enough! So, charge your Go Pros, book a diving session and leisurely experience the warm deep blue seas of Gozo.

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