What are Backconnect Proxies and Why Do You Need Them?

Everyone is well aware of the fact that technology is fairly taking over these days and internet is one of its greatest departments that is rapidly modernized. Talking about the internet, who doesn’t need proxies these days? Personal use or business use, in both cases, almost every other person surfs the internet to buy different types of proxies. While you look up the internet, you might spot something called “backconnect proxies” online. If you don’t know what backconnect proxies are, then worry not! It is time that you get to know about some amazing benefits of backconnect proxies. People usually do not know why they are required to use backconnect proxies, but once they do, they are most likely to end up using them for the rest of their lives.

What are Backconnect Proxies?

Take a moment and think about why so many people out there are paying for proxies? Well, that is because proxies make internet surfing safe and secure, especially when a user is screen scrapping. When it comes to Backconnect proxy, it works as a shield between the web server and your computer. Each proxy comes from a separate server with same connection and configuration. Instead of using just one server, you must enable yourself to use multiplications of servers. This benefit is only provided by backconnect proxy who manages your online requests with a horde of servers. Backconnect proxy also enables a new IP every single time you request a web server. It also ensures more anonymity as compared with the regular proxies.

How Backconnect Proxies Work?

Now as you know what are backconnect proxies, you must have slightly understood the server level features of backconnect proxy, which are quite simple to understand. Along with the server level features, you must understand the practical process of backconnect proxy as wells. Let’s picture an example to make it easy to understand. Suppose, you are sitting somewhere as a client and your proxy is your present location. Now, you want to switch to another IP, so what are you going to do now? Fly to another location? That is how normal proxies work but fortunately, that is not the case with the backconnect proxies.

You can think of hundreds of machines working together which reduces the risk of any type of malfunctioning. Another easy example of how backconnect proxies actually work would make it easy for you to understand. When you enter your query on Google, A connection drives it to the server, while B connection brings back the results. When you click on one of the results, C connection will take your request to the server and open the results. This is how each time a different IP is allocated to your each request and entertains it accordingly.

Why do you need to buy Backconnect Proxies?

Let’s take a look at the list of reasons and benefits as to why you need to buy backconnect proxies:

Advantage of Multiple IPs:

There are many websites who do not support consistent access from the same IP. Along with regular websites, this condition has been put up by many search engines as well. Most importantly, Google has its own independent limits for each IP. This is where backconnect proxy plays its momentous role and grants you the access to the same site with multiple IPs.

Buy Best Backconnect Proxies with Less Rate Limit

Instead of stressing over the rate limits, you can now go ahead and take advantage of various scrapper software. Due to multiplication of IPs and servers, Google would not be able to track your location. And you can comfortably work on the software and enjoy!

Most Anonymous Proxies

Deeming that you want to hide your IP address, it is not possible through a regular proxy. You can easily hide your identity, location and IP address which shall be the cause of some relief. How is that possible? Well, it is only possible with the amazing multiple IP provision by Backconnect Proxy.

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Wayne Terrysson is a blogger and works with Microleaves, a proxy provider company that helps internet user to improve their internet security and surf the internet anonymously.

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