Best Important Things to Consider Before Creating A Mobile App

The mobile application development industry has outpaced the web application development business and is continuously dominating it. With tons of mobile applications being daily developed and launched in the market, it becomes imperative to build a feature-rich mobile app, that can be distinguished by its peer apps in every technological aspect. The overall mobile app building process should be very well organised, strategized along with keeping the end-user’s basic requirement in mind. Before pounding directly into the development process, it’s very much important to list out all the advantages and disadvantages, to be faced.

Hence prior to the commencement of development, make sure all the below factors are strictly considered.

Mobile operating system

Before proceeding the programming process, it is utmost important to give a bit comprehension about the platform on which your app is supposed to execute on. Android and iOS are the two most widely used mobile operating system across the globe.

The platform you choose has also to do with the nation in which you’re planning to launch your app. If your targeted audience base belongs to countries like USA and India, then the targeted mobile platform for your application should be iOS and Android – the two most dominant mobile operating system. However, the fundamental idea behind all this is to make your app reach a large number of users.

Development methodology

The chosen development methodology plays a key role in the quality of the application. The app development methodology adopted by various mobile app development company across the globe includes:

  • Agile development
  • Scrum development
  • Rapid application development
  • Waterfall (Traditional) development process

Whichever development methodology you adopt, just ensure that the programming code of the app is in a structured manner and free from bugs.

UI/UX design

No matter how much high-end features are incorporated into your application, but if you fail to compose quality UI/UX design, then what you will obtain from end-users is a comprehensive stack of negative and discontent reviews. An ideal and catchy design of the application is meant to grab the attention of the user. A quality UI/UX design of the app is also one of the prominent factor responsible for reducing the loading time of the app.


The developed application should be able to execute seamlessly on different mobile platforms along with the robust capability to process the requirement of the user. According to the research from Gartner, 80% of the users avoid downloading the app whose size is extreme. The internet data consumption rate of the application also matters, when the question is about efficiency.

Deliver something unique

The success of any application absolutely depends on the number of core technical and business features incorporated into it. The application should be able to provide something unusual and useful attribute in order to keep the user remain engaged with it. The visual and navigation system of the application also plays a vital role, behind wide user appreciation.

Summing up

Thorough interpretation of the above 5 points before the initiation of the app development process, helps you to deliver an exquisite and astonishing product in the market.

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