Baby Got Back-Pain: How to Make the Fetal Position Pain Free

A lot of different people will agree to the fact that sleep brings out the best in us. However, what if sleep brings out the worse? Every day, a lot of people wake up to mornings filled with “oohs,” “ahhs,” and “ouch.” To make things worse, the pain they experience every morning negates all the fruitful hours they spent resting. Most of them are confused and ask themselves, “How is this happening to me?”

The answer to that question lies with just one word: Position. Now, before ranting about how a lot of people spend time sleeping in the most uncomfortable ways, there’s a lot of factors to consider. Namely, these factors are age, gender, weight, pre-existing conditions, etc. Let’s take a look at the most common position that most people are into:

A bit of disclaimer for the reader, before doing anything with regards to position, it’s best to consult your doctor for back pain that’s persistent.

The Fetal Position

The human body is indeed an amazing thing. No matter how old we are, instinct tells us the apparent comfort that the fetal position brought when we were still inside our mother’s womb.

The problem with the fetal position is that there are so many variations of it which can cause a significant amount of back pain in a person. Here are some common problems that come with sleeping in the fetal position.

  • The lower back is overly arched.
  • Both the legs and back are too bent.
  • The head is too tilted back or excessively bent down.

If you are indeed a person who loves sleeping like a baby and want to wake up pain-free, the proper position would include:

  • The neck is straight while the chin is slightly pointing downwards.
  • Don’t  extend or hyperextend your back.
  • Adjust your legs (either straighten or bend) until the proper curve in the back is in position.

If back pain persists after being in the right fetal position, try adding a pillow between your knees. Pain occurs because of a person’s hips which are wider than the waist. The torso twists which causes lower back pain. Tucking a thick pillow between your legs while sleeping in the correct fetal position helps to alleviate discomfort.


Sleep does bring out the best in us. However, when in the wrong position, sleep can bring out the worst. A lot of people wake up with having to deal with back pains. The most efficient way of treating position-related pain is by adjusting the way you sleep.

Make some little adjustments such as not over extending your legs or not bending your neck too much, and you can also invest in some cozy Beds Online, these small changes significantly affect the comfort that you will get when you wake up the next morning.


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