Why Are Developers Going Gaga Over Twitter Bootstrap?

Twitter has outgrown to be such a popular website that it has evolved the realm of user-managed social networking platform where the developers can come up with highly creative ideas. The Bootstrap framework is one of the greatest innovation so as to make the design and development process quite easy for the developers, that helps in creating websites and applications in quite an easy, smoother and faster way .

Twitter Boostrap has certainly emerged out to be a great platform and this is the reason why we have seen a surge in PSD to HTML Bootstrap conversion rate. This thus makes Bootstrap a metaphorical pastry shop for developers that gives them ample lot of functionalities that can help them to develop incredible web products.

What are the reasons behind using Bootstrap?

Time Efficient

One of the best things about Bootstrap is that it gives you ample lot of time which you can utilize to create other functionalities. Another major factor that accounts for the popularity of bootstrap is the libraries that comprises of ready made code snippets to fulfill the functions.

As we know that development is quite time consuming thus it is hectic for a web programmer to spend time writing code, if they simply have the right piece and it must also be compatible to the structure they are working on. Moreover, this do not at all sticks to the functionality as next styling matters a lot when it comes to the design aspects as they are taken care of by CSS and developed in LESS.

Easy Customization

One of the best thing about Bootstrap is that it allows you to develop your website on your own. It gives you the leverage to select the functionalities that you want to choose and the ones you wish to discard from the whole framework. In short Bootstrap is an incredible platform that allows the developer to come up with your own needs and allows you to develop your project as per specific requirements of a client. Thus, the main reason why there is a contention among the developers as some like a certain things wherein the others do not.

Factor in the Design

A proper grid is required to create a great layout. Moreover, it is not mandatory to use the platform’s grid, but if you do use them they will make your job quite easy. The platform renders a 16 column grid with a width of 940px by default. A column is about 40px along with extra 20px which acts as gutter.

It allows you to manipulate your Rows and spans in accordance to your needed. You can complete the styling in an auto mode and all a developer needs to do is to drop the content which is present in your HTML which they are working with. Apart from this for those who wish to work with nesting and columns, then make sure you get the right grid to work.

Inclusion of LESS

LESS has gained momentum in the development circles. When added to Bootstrap platform, this allows you to use LESS mixins as well as CSS manipulations that helps you to manipulate the in-built grid.

Moreover, the changes gets automatically saved after the alterations is not that good. Bootstrap comprises of some of the most popular utilities in CSS3 utilities and uses them as a homogeneous mixture to render the best on the browsers.


Bootstrap is powered with JavaScript libraries that offer incredible structural as well as styling features. JavaScript has become quite an crucial part in web designing, which requires the developers to come up with fruitful results. If you are using Bootstrap, then the developer allows to easily manipulate tooltips, windows alerts, Popover, Scrollspy, Typehead, Button, etc. Along with this Bootstrap is quite efficient and helps you to skip the step of writing the script completely.

Consistent Platform

One of the prime reason to develop this platform was because there were some inconsistencies faced by this platform by the developers those who were working on this projects. Due to this some issues were developed on the front end development as well as the end-user front.

As this platform works on a development code which is central, this renders uniform Bootstrap’s results across all the platforms. This allows you to render same experience on all the major browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

Comes with Regular Updates

When it comes to updates, Bootstrap has comes with maximum number of releases, along with that this platform is evolving with updates that are coming out on regular basis.

One of the best thing about this platform is that whenever a developers find a problem with the framework the developers get ready to fix it.

Easy Integration

Those who think are working on an existing or a publishes website, but are still working on ways to polish the website can take use of Bootstrap as it is quite efficient at this. For example, those who are using table styling, they just need to bring out the styles that are required and copy them to the file they are working on.

Bootstrap renders quite smooth and simple integration process, which can be accomplished quite easily and swiftly and after completing that you can play easily make your design as per your content.


Bootstrap is quite a responsive framework. Which means that it allows you to work on all sort of devices for instance if at any point you wish to switch from a laptop to a mobile device then you don’t have to worry about the work.

Bootstrap quite efficiently adopts change in the platforms quite effectively and seamlessly.

Futuristic Approach

Bootstrap is powered with several elements that deem to be the futuristic approach of the design. Which means that it has HTML5 and CSS3 which are considered as the up and coming technology of the future. As the framework takes into account the futuristic approach to web design and development, thus this certainly induces the potential to become one of the favorites among the web developers in the forth coming years.


So what do you think after reading this. Do you think that Bootstrap is something that will help you to develop your web projects easily. Feel free to drop us your queries in the comments below.

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