Why You Should Consider Web Testing

As any company will tell you, the success of a program is important to ensure that your consumers are able to use it, as well as are enjoying using it. But testing applications, especially those of web applications, can tedious and long. It’s not that they shouldn’t be tested, but when you’re spending more testing, the less time you’re able to actively have your customers use the application itself.

There are tons of benefits to software testing, especially for those of web based businesses. You can’t always head out to your customers’ homes or businesses to troubleshoot what could be possibly be wrong with your software, but if you’ve been testing your product in a live environment before officially going live, you’ll be able to see where you may need to work on some aspects, add, or even delete others.

web testing

Technology has grown to the point where you can be anywhere and everywhere without the need of sitting in front of a proper computer. This helps when performing automated web testing because you can use the cloud to test your application on several devices, as well as several different browsers. Why is this helpful? While you want to target your software to different demographics, like gender, age, or location,you can’t forget that these targeted audiences are viewing their online software through different means.

The continuing growth of mobile technology has mode mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, a central part of the public collective and thanks to this, many applications and programs are utilizing the ability to connect with consumers from anywhere they go. This is an important factor when it comes to testing web applications; every person is using a different device and with that, probably a different browser.

With web testing, you can test your app or program using some of the most popular browsers, like Firefox, Chrome, and IE. Not only can you ensure that your program works on a desktop or a mobile device; you can also check to make sure that your user interface looks the way it should on all of theses systems.

Another consideration for web testing is security. With the latest occurrence with the NSA and the dangers of hacking, users want to be sure that whatever program they are using isn’t taking information from them or putting items on their devices that they don’t want. Considerable testing in a live environment helps to ensure that your program is free from any vulnerabilities or security holes that could be exploited.

All together, web testing before deploying your app or program ensures that you’ve taken the steps to knock out any issues that your consumers would run into. This not only takes the pressure of you and your team, by reducing the cost for testing or retesting, but also increasing their profitability as a complete and stable product makes consumers happy, which may lead them to promote and share the product with others, which causes them to purchase the software.

Luckily, there are plenty of software web testing and developmental tools that can be used to test a program in a live environment without deploying, making an easier transition from testing mode to live mode.

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  1. Web testing is a versatile technology that is very useful to test the application.It is equally beneficial for web applications as well as desktop applications

  2. Web testing is definitely a must, you’re very right about that! Like you said it gives you good feedback as to what is working and what doesn’t in your site and how you can fix it. You can tell which interface design works well and make sure that all browsers and sizes work properly. Another thing it can do is tell you later on is where in your site people are going to more, which links are being clicked and what locations are considered ‘prime’ on each page. Great article!

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