PowerPoint Presentations In Education

PowerPoint Presentation has a major impact in several fields ranging from your school life to corporate sectors. Recently, a lot of schools and colleges have implemented ‘Smart Class’, which is basically making class room teaching ‘smart’, with the use of digital technology.

Effective Use of PowerPoint Presentations in Higher Education

PowerPoint is an integral part of digital based learning. Here are some of the benefits and impact caused by PowerPoint presentation in class room learning experience.

Impact of PowerPoint in Education

  • PowerPoint is a simple and impressive tool for students to create visually appealing presentation on any subject with several impressive templates to choose from.
  • Presentation helps in mutual learning, as well as, it is beneficial for the development of effective publish speech skills of a student.
  • Group presentations which involves leadership, time management, helps in imparting these specific skills to the students.
  • PowerPoint presentation are visually intuitive, which makes it easier for teachers to grab students attention, instead of text book learning.
  • You can integrate fun based learning in class rooms. You can create quizzes, mini games and other fun aspects to make it more interactive experience.

Avoid Death By PowerPoint

If you’ve read the points listed above, you might be intrigued to implement PowerPoint teaching in your own institution. However, before you do that be sure to follow these tips to avoid any potential negative impact.

  • Include Videos and Images in the presentation to make them more interesting instead of flat text presentations. Especially in science classes.
  • Use subtle animations and transitions to give the audience a break from reading.
  • Include no more than 5 lines of text in each slide. Remember it’s a fun learning experience, not a comprehension reading exercise.
  • Make sure there is clear visibility of the screen and text displayed.

If you follow these above tips, you can transform the whole classroom learning experience with a complete positive impact.

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Priya is a social media manager working at TCS, who often works around with PowerPoint and templates. She designs at PowerPoint backgrounds.


  1. PowerPoint is really important in every classroom. Its like a window for students. They are able to see what is meant by instructors of a certain topic of discussion.

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