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It Couldn’t Be Any Easier!

Submitting your guest articles to a high ranking technology blog couldn’t be any easier. At TechSling our goal is to encourage participation in every aspect of this blog. Ranking high in search engines does not come overnight – it requires plenty of hard work and dedication particularly when it comes to getting inbound links that would assist your Website on search engine result pages (SERPs). Guest posting on this blog will not only help you drive traffic to your business, blog or Website, you will also gain exposure and be able to introduce your blog to a wide range of technology enthusiasts, bloggers, students, Webmasters, small-business owners and just about anyone with an interest in technology. So let’s get started!

Important Notice! Due to the recent surge in the number of spam registrations we are receiving, interested guest contributors are advised to >> send us an email << notifying us of their intentions in addition to fulfilling the requirements listed below. Read more about our decision here!!!

What are the guidelines for approving articles?

The following guidelines will ensure that your articles will be published more quickly.

  1. Content should be unique, spell checked and make sense, if spinned, for better SEO.
  2. Article length should not be less than 350 words.
  3. Structure your posts into paragraphs with headings and subtitles (mostly use H2 and H3 tags).
  4. Affiliate or promotional links will not be accepted.
  5. Articles must be related to the blog niche one way or another.

Do you have any other guidelines to consider before submitting guest posts?

Yes, we do. The following applies to all our contributors:

  • Please note that in addition to other benefits, you will be entitled to a one-way do-follow backlink to your Website/blog, Facebook and/or Twitter accounts on the Author bio/profile at the bottom of each article. However, you can also include a maximum of two no-follow in-text links within your articles should you think they will be beneficial to our readers, subject to review/approval.
  • All submitted articles should fall under at least one of the many categories we have on our site.
  • As we have over 150 active contributors on this blog, it can take up to 7 days for your article to appear on the site. However, regular contributors with 10 or more articles can expect their articles to be published within 24 to 72 hours in spite of the queue.
  • Interacting with readers by responding to comments is a MUST. This will help you gain more friends and make others recognise you as an authority blogger/contributor.
  • Ensure that your article(s) haven’t been published anywhere else as this will hurt your SEO.
  • Learn more about our policies on the About Us page.

How do I register to become a guest contributor?

Register here!

Summary of guidelines: Guest contributors MUST use their full names i.e. real names or pen names must be that of a real person and not a business, product, etc. In-text links MUST be directly relevant to the content provided for example, an educational resource, otherwise it shall be deleted. Please note that this policy is in place so as to discourage those that do not comply with the new Google rules from submitting articles. Meanwhile, you can still get a direct backlink to your Website by including it in your author bio and responding to reader comments on your article(s) via the CommentLuv plugin.

Other Matters

Press Release & Infographics

Since we receive several enquiries about publishing press releases and infographics, we have decided to create a dedicated forum to deal with this matter. Therefore, if you have a press release or infographic to share, please visit our Discussion Forum to publish it. Note that you will still have to register and our Forum Rules & Guidelines apply.

To sum it up in one sentence…if you have something to say, we want to hear it!

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