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wii u

Wii U Games: A Great Stocking Filler

The festive season is fast approaching and although parents might be feeling a bit stressed about the prospect, children will be getting increasingly excited. But as far as presents ...

The Intricacies Behind Online Gaming Technology

The advances we observe in gaming today could be attributed to the successful implementation and adoption of technology in the industry. From the day the 8 bit console became popular ...
hdmi extender

When and How to Use An HDMI Extender

As HDMI standard has matured and become part of the common home and business entertainment installations people have begun to ask how to make the most of their expensive equipment. ...

A New PC Game Called Hatred is Full of Hate and Violence

Violence in video games have always been a subject staunchly attacked by the media. While most people, especially gamers, do not believe that violence in video games has a direct relationship ...

Experts Predict Mobile Gaming Will Topple Traditional Consoles In 2015

Mobile and tablet gaming will overtake traditional consoles for revenue generation in 2015 according to market research firm Newzoo. Console-driven gaming, such Xbox and PlayStation, ...
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