Top Five Technologies Businesses Should Be Using Today

Business and technology are rapidly moving hand in hand to the point of codependency. Technology was once solely in the purview of researchers, but now it is more likely to be in the hands of business-people. There are several technologies that can be applied to specific business these days, but the five solutions below are among the most important:

1 – Cloud Computing

As recently as the early 21st century, many companies saw the client-server model of computer networking as the only way to keep workers truly connected to the office. A comprehensive computer network was an expensive endeavor, particularly for small business entities that could not afford to spend too much on server hardware and IT staffs. Cloud computing truly empowers small business owners by letting them focus on just one thing: Internet-connected devices with modern browsers that can access all the data and software utilities they need without having to download and install applications.

2 – Asset Tracking

A business is only as valuable as the sum of its assets. To this extent, asset tracking software is a crucial tool for taking accurate inventory of the valuable and tangible possessions of a business. Asset tracking is a lot more than just knowing where business assets are at any given time; it involves tracking the cost and efficiency of equipment and supplies such as vehicles, portable computers, communication devices, and more. Tracking assets is an excellent way to estimate the true value of a business as well the bottom line of its operations.

3 – Geolocation and Mobile Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Major search engines such as Google have become the yellow pages, newspapers and 411 directory assistance service providers of the 21st century. It is up to businesses to become visible on Google and other online search platforms by applying proper SEO and geolocation strategies. A solid online presence is vital for modern businesses, especially with regard to local and mobile search. Modern SEO cannot ignore the various aspects that make a local business listing easier to locate with regard to the geolocation of Internet searchers and the type of mobile devices they use.

4 – Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Voice communications are still very important in the business world. Thanks to the advent of VoIP, talking on the phone has become more efficient and affordable than ever. VoIP solutions require high-speed Internet connections, which are basically ubiquitous these days. With the right VoIP software application, a single phone line can be transformed into a low-cost call switchboard or even a call center.

5 – Business Intelligence

Information and analysis are two of the most valuable tools available to business owners these days. Well-informed business owners tend to possess an edge over their competitors by virtue of knowing the next step they should follow to stay ahead in the marketplace. Business intelligence software applications and methods shine a light into the performance of various processes and functions, thus allowing the business owner to take appropriate action to extract more value from operational procedures.

As an author, Jordan McPelt writes about various subject matters including asset tracking software. To learn more about asset tracking software please visit cg4.com.

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