How Technology Can Make Life Easier For Today’s Modern Parent

Today’s parents face many of the same, if not more challenges today than ever before. The 24 hour a day world includes longer work hours and often less time for parenting and play. However, there are some ways that parents can use technology to their advantage to actually make parenting easier, while alleviating stress and making life more fun.

Quick, Useful Information

iPads, tablets and other mobile devices are all the rage these days. For parents, this means they can have access to critical information like phone numbers and the ability to research on the fly when questions come up. They can even keep informed and entertain themselves more easily at home and wherever they go. These devices are also great for storing and sharing pictures with friends and family.

Time Management

Keeping track of time is stressful for everyone. That’s why keeping a calendar app with reminders set is very beneficial, particularly for new parents. Feeding times, appointments and other reminders can be added and then synched with your partner or spouse so that everything is covered.

Stress Relief

New parents are particularly vulnerable to stress. A new baby brings much joy, but can turn a household upside down. Apps like Total Baby iPhone are designed to keep a record of essential information that is often referred to during baby’s first year. For instance pediatricians ask a lot of questions and the information can be stored for things such as:

a. Feeding times and lengths
b. Diaper changes
c. Birth height, weight and length
d. Nap and sleep times
e. Behavior patterns
f. Bath times

Mobile Apps and Software

Mobile App’s like Baby Center’s My Baby Today includes customized reminders and helpful checklists for parents. It also provides a variety of activity suggestions to aid your baby’s development that are recommended by experts. The Trixie Tracker app provides parents with a great deal of essential insight into how to create the best routine for a newborn. The recommended feeding, nap and sleep schedules along with nutrition supplement and medicine dose tracking is also particularly helpful.

Peace of Mind

At nap and bed time, parents can rest assured that their babies are safe and sound by using a Wi-Fi baby monitor. There are a variety to choose from. On some monitors, parents can check in on their babies while in other rooms or even through mobile devices while working away from home. Also, a variety of innovative motorized products are available to safely lull baby to sleep with motion or vibrations, such as the InGenuity bouncer or Disney Baby’s Sway Seat.

Education and Entertainment

Even playtime is easier with technology. For instance, having a device with a children’s book or software designed for babies of various ages is a great way to entertain a child while at home and other places. It’s also great for teaching a child from a very early age how to use technology.

Social Networking

Parental social networks offer a wealth of opportunity to learn and share information. For new parents, this is a Godsend. There are also a number of free subscription services that automate tasks like making regular purchases of diapers and other essentials. Amazon Mom offers plenty of discounts on items you can set for delivery whenever desired. With new developments continually on the horizon, the above are just some of the latest methods that parents can use technology to their advantage. These devices and apps function as personal assistants and helpers, so that parents can actually devote more time to enjoying their babies and actually parenting more effectively.

Born with a passion for art, music, fashion, technology, adventure, blogging, and life lived to the fiercest! A great variety of educational, professional, and personal experience has gifted me an open mind, strong heart, and a wealth of stories to tell. Concerned with human rights and the state of the natural world. Thriving on the fresh, thoughtful, healthy, and hilarious.

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7 Responses to "How Technology Can Make Life Easier For Today’s Modern Parent"

  1. Modern technology can do a lot to help parents. For example, I very often let my child play with an educational apps on my tablet. Thus i kill two birds with one stone – occupy a child and help him to learn new things.

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  2. Hi Molly

    I’d wish I had advice like this (and an iPad) when my now 5 year old daughter was a baby. But technology is really great for teaching kids while they just feel they are playing. Wifi baby-monitor is certainly something I could have made good use for.

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  3. Molly P.

    I agree, I have a four and six year old and some of that stuff wasn’t even around five years ago. Thanks for your comment!

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  4. Evan says:

    Mobile Apps and Software are just a treasure box for modern parents. My sister has a 3 year old son and she едв me recently that she couldn’t imagine what would she do with her kid while driving if not iPad apps…

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  5. Jane

    Great post Molly. Yes there are apps for just about everything these days. Think about stress reduction, yoga, fitness, weight loss, planning pregnancy, planning blogging, productivity – you name it. Yes for sure we are blessed to be in this age. I cannot even imagine my life without my Tablet.

    GD Star Rating
  6. Maria from cleveland fsbo says:

    I agree, the amount of information and ease of access is overwhelming. My grandparents would never believe it to be possible.

    GD Star Rating

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