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Use Wi-Fi Enabled Memory Cards to Transfer Images and Videos Wirelessly

Do you wish to share a picture on Facebook but have to wait till you get home and use your SD card to share your photos? Well, this New Year has some good news in store for you. With advanced Wi-Fi technology, you can take a photo and post it immediately without compromising on the quality. The launch of Wi-Fi enabled SD cards mean that you can now transfer images wirelessly from a camera to iOS or Android Smartphones or tablets. It is especially designed to share or edit a photo you have taken on a non-smart camera.


The Wi-Fi SD memory card instantly adds wireless capabilities to SDHC-compatible digital cameras. Together with the SD card and SD App, users can take advantage of the high resolution of their digital camera and the versatility of their tablet or Smartphone to easily share photos as soon as they are taken.

Take a look at its versatility:

The card transfers your photos and videos over Wi-Fi and can also stream media to a maximum of three devices simultaneously. In addition, the card uses the free apps available to operate on iOS and Android devices and function in two modes i.e. direct sharing mode and internet mode. The former includes the advantage of browsing photos already taken or viewing them as you shoot. The direct share mode is automatically activated as soon as the camera is powered on. Such feature allows peer-to-peer connections between the camera and mobile devices in any location. The internet mode can also be activated to quickly share images from the camera with others via Facebook and email. It allows the SD card to connect to nearby internet hotspots or connect to a personal hotspot feature of your Smartphones or tablets.

The Wi-Fi SD App

The Wi-Fi SD App is free to download and is developed specifically for iOS and Android devices including iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. The app automatically organises Wi-Fi SD card data into in-built categories. The app is easy-to-use and convenient and allows users to readily download content, watch videos and browse photos to share via Facebook and email. Not only tablets and Smartphones, Wi-Fi enabled notebooks and desktop computers can also access media with a similar user-friendly interface by using a web browser.

In addition, the Wi-Fi SD card provides higher transfer speeds and much greater stability. Together with excellent performance and 16GB or 35GB capacity, this SD card is undoubtedly beneficial. Each Wi-Fi SD card provides adequate space and support for exceptionally high resolution digital cameras.

The Shoot and View feature of the Wi-Fi SD card App utilises the advanced capabilities of digital cameras as well as the large screen of mobile devices for enhanced post-production process. What you need to do is simply capture a photo by using a high megapixel camera which will then appear immediately on the Smartphone or tablet. You can now download the images to your local memory and manipulate it in creative ways by using photo-editing apps before you start sharing it with your friends and family.

However, you need to monitor the battery life as the card uses some power to transfer images and videos. Therefore, the bigger the files the more drain on the battery life. As soon as the card completes uploading the photos, it turns itself off after a few minutes in order to conserve its battery life.

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Steven Scheck is the Principal of Inspire WiFi, the nationwide leader of multifamily wifi and healthcare wifi. When he isn't bringing Wi-Fi to the masses, he enjoys spending time and traveling with his wife and 4 kids and occasionally gets in a round of golf. He is also very involved in philanthropic causes in Miami and nationally.



  1. Sally

    January 23, 2014 at 3:09 pm

    This 16 GB wifi-enabled memory card was very useful for me, but i wanted even more capacity, i will search on Amazon for some.

  2. Abell

    January 27, 2014 at 10:53 am

    Hello Steven Scheck,
    This posting is very interesting, you described the video marketing in a very well mannered. People are adopting this technique day by day for the successful marketing. I am glad to read this information that will also help me to get my brand popularized in market.

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