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Wii U Games: A Great Stocking Filler

The festive season is fast approaching and although parents might be feeling a bit stressed about the prospect, children will be getting increasingly excited. But as far as presents are concerned, toys and teddies no longer suffice, as today’s youth are much more interested in technology.

wii u

The problem with the latest devices is that kids might not be seen for days on end, as they’ll inevitably go to their rooms with a smartphone, tablet or video game console and entertain themselves in online or virtual worlds.

However, there is a solution that can bring the whole family together and even help a child’s development. And while the Nintendo Wii U might not have received the same levels of attention as the PS4 or Xbox One, its range of entertaining and enjoyable games are perfect for Christmas.

Reasons to buy Wii U games

  • They’re cheaper – Not only is a Wii U console cheaper to buy than the alternatives, the games cost less too. Xbox One and PS4 games are probably too expensive for stocking fillers, but titles for the Wii U will be within most family budgets. What’s more, the Wii U doesn’t charge for online services, whereas with the others you have to pay a monthly subscription to access content.
  • There is more choice – With the Wii U, there is an incredibly wide range of games from various different genres available. From the challenging platformer game Tropical Freeze to the action-packed Bayonetta 2 and the perpetually popular Mario Kart 8, you’ll be spoilt for choice with variety.
  • They are more family orientated – Before every member of the family retires to their respective rooms of the house, enjoy the time you have together by playing one of the Wii U’s family friendly games. Titles for the Xbox One and PS4 are targeted at online interaction, but with the Wii, competing against or playing alongside relatives is just as exciting.

The best Wii U games for kids and families

  • New Super Mario Bros – Allowing five players to participate at the same time, this platformer requires teamwork and togetherness to achieve success.
  • Wii Party – Featuring over 80 mini games, this is another title that’s more fun when lots of people are involved.
  • LEGO City UndercoverPretty much a child-friendly version of Grand Theft Auto without the controversy or the explicit content, and considered one of the best games available on the market.

Image by Josh Miller, used under the Creative Commons license. 

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