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Top eCommerce Marketing Tools to Use in 2020

An e-commerce marketing tool that offers a distinct advantage over your competitors is the need of the hour and worth the investment. All you need is a smart marketing strategy that will complement the ecommerce marketing tool to help your online business vision and increase revenue.

An e-commerce marketing tool that offers a distinct advantage over your competitors is the need of the hour and worth the investment. All you need is a smart marketing strategy that will complement the ecommerce marketing tool to help your online business vision and increase revenue.

Marketing products online lets companies break away from the brick-and-mortar selling model and have a wider reach. An online presence creates opportunities to engage, reach out, and build relationships with the target audience. You could be any kind of store- big supermarket, mom-and-pop or a Kirana outlet, ecommerce marketing tools are integral and imperative for your growth. 

According to research and predictions by McKinsey, the global ecommerce revenue will cross the USD4 trillion mark. An e-commerce marketing tool that offers a distinct advantage over your competitors is the need of the hour and worth the investment. All you need is a smart marketing strategy that will complement the ecommerce marketing tool to help your online business vision and increase revenue.

Online store or online shopping is a popular trend that has opened several opportunities to reach out to potential customers across the world. Irrespective of the product your endorse or service you sell, whether you are a small business or a well-established organization, e-commerce marketing tools are a fundamental part of upgrading your marketing strategy to the next level.

When you choose an e-commerce marketing tool that has to work for you, you need to first shortlist the key aspects that are going to affect your spending and image. Budget, technical skills, search engine optimization, online search, scalability, mobile-friendliness are key things that need to be borne in mind. When you know your strengths and limitations, it makes it easier to choose the right tool.

Your ecommerce tool will not work to generate the sales if you do not have a strategy in place. You need a tool that will integrate every part of ecommerce marketing from campaign management, reduce time spent on routine tasks, track customers, and ecommerce marketing trends– all of this at an affordable price. 

We have researched the top ecommerce marketing tools available in the market. So to help you kick things off, we have shortlisted fifteen e-commerce marketing tools that can help your business grow.

1. Prisync 

 Founded in February 2013, Prisync is a pricing software for e-commerce supported by KOSGEB and TUBITAK. Prisync helps businesses in e-commerce to optimize their pricing strategy. It automates data collection, helps to listen to competition, provides smart suggestions, optimizes prices, and maximizes revenue all through one single dashboard. 

The pricing engine is dynamic and uses automation to an advantageous level. It keeps the business at the “right spot” while deciding on what profit margins will positively impact the business and helping it stay ahead of the competition. 

Prisync optimizes pricing so that it will have direct and the highest impact on the revenues of the organization. With Prisync you can understand your competition and optimize your prices accordingly. From a single dashboard, you can analyze competitor prices seamlessly.

2. Keap 

 Keap helps your business to have additional arms that you probably cannot grow by yourself. Keap offers CRM, sales, and marketing tools to get more work done by reducing your burden and influencing profits directly. Keap has three different products that give you the flexibility to choose one that suits your business needs. 

Keap Pro is all in one automation software for CRM, marketing, and sales for a service-based business. It has a repeated sales and marketing campaign process that ensures businesses are on the upward trajectory. Infusionsoft is another long-running product that provides CRM, marketing, and sales automation customized to your needs and integrated with applications. Keap programs maintain lead details, automates follow-ups, and integrates easily to use features.

3. AdNabu 

Google Ads help to position the business on the landing pages of any search engine. Google times these ads so that it will pop up when consumers are searching for similar products. This helps to generate leads. AdNabu is integrated software that uses google shopping algorithms to conjure best Ad word campaigns for your products. 

An e-commerce marketing tool, AdNabu creates ads using different templates for multiple campaigns. With the help of algorithms, AdNabu customizes ads on Google Ads that will catch the attention of customers and eventually convert them into sales. 

4. Rejoiner 

Email marketing is a fast and effective way to reach clients and customers. You can send personalized emails to funnel conversion rates. Rejoiner helps you with the email marketing software, tools, and consulting services needed to increase conversion rates and improve revenue. 

With Rejoiner you can maximize customer loyalty and also reduce the rate of being abandoned whilst the customer is shopping. Founded in 2011, it features smart segmentation, reduces product abandonment, leverages special customers, and increases sales conversions.

5. Taggshop 

Taggshop is a visual e-commerce platform that helps to discover, manage, embed, and display user-generated content. It uses visuals to generate commerce. With Taggshop, customers can almost touch, feel, and experience the product. 

The visuals are integrated with the e-commerce business and help the audience engage as much as possible. The main features are 24*7 live chat support, content management, analyses on performance, and measures engagement of audiences with campaigns.

6. YoGrow

 An analytics tool helps to draw out significant trends, evaluate the market, and serve as a guide to take the appropriate action so that nothing leaks out of your sales funnels. 

YoGrow is a tool that offers simple ecommerce analytics. It offers insights for businesses to measure performance, generate reports, make comparisons on data about past months and years to keep sales and growth on track. The analytics provides also helps to identify the latest buzz. YoGrow features well-documented email reports, timely sales, and growth reports and increases client reach.

7. DotDigital 

DotDigital is an engagement interface that helps you to learn and gather information about customers. The interface lets your team turn this customer data and insight into personalized bespoke omnichannel marketing campaigns. 

DotDigital transforms customer data into personalized campaigns ranging from email marketing to individual marketing orchestration. The main features are the bespoke campaigns, real-time technical solutions, and 24*5 solutions.

8. Promo 

A well-known video maker, Promo lets professionals expand their business with the help of creative and interactive videos. It is a creative hub that promotes and publishes creative content via unlimited videos to reach millions of customers. 

It offers the feasibility to promote anything to get an effective result. The highlight of Promo is publishing and promoting endless creative video content that engages customers and reaches millions of consumers.

9. Reactful

Reactful is a tool that helps to capture lead using Artificial Intelligence. The AI identifies customers and their intentions and personalized it for increased engagement with expanded page views which will eventually convert into sales. It provides a fascinating experience for the user to generate leads. The AI-driven approach boosts engagement and expands the customer base. 

10. Triberr 

Triberr is a content marketing platform that enhances content to ensure wider social reach. The reach is achieved with the help of professional bloggers and influencers who increase social shares by engaging in larger social presence. The main idea of Triberr is to integrate bloggers and influencers who form a strong team to expand social presence to ensure a wider reach.

11. Brand24

Brand24 offers hashtag monitoring and tracking competitor reputation. It manages and tracks online mentions, social comments, and customer satisfaction. Brand24 helps you to know your customers and engage with them. 

It helps to improve marketing efforts, provide positive comments for your brand ambassadors while making you able to respond to dissatisfied customers before it is too late. The main benefits are helping a business to get close to its customers, protect online reputation, improve customer satisfaction, and measure marketing efforts.

12. Everypost

Everypost helps to simplify publishing content on social modules by curating content from various sources and customizing it. It is an all-in-one simple and convenient publishing solution to share content across social platforms.  By sharing it across various sources it ensures a broader audience reach. The main benefit of Everypost is that it automates social activities with considerable ease and reaches a broader audience.

13. Dasheroo

Dasheroo offers a dashboard where you can collate and track your business metrics from a plethora of applications. With Dasheroo, all your Knowledge Performance Indicator (KPI) data can be accessed and monitored in one place on one device at any time. The main features of Dahseroo include intelligent insights, intuitive reports and organizes and secures data.

14. Nutshell

A Customer Relationship Management tool, Nutshell kindles multiple sales channels, personal email sequences, phone dialing, and generating activity reports to help to optimize your team’s effort. It organizes things to help your team build client relationships. A powerful sneak CRM Tool, Nutshell offers sales automation, consistent customer support, and collaboration of team efforts. 

15. Antavo

Antavo is a loyalty management platform for businesses to convert customer data into engaging, omnichannel, and personalized loyalty programs. Antavo helps to recognize customer engagement and draw bespoke recognition loyalty programs that will expand the customer base and retain existing ones. Antavo helps to recognize customer loyalty by generating plans for engaging with the business and also sends customers notifications to clients based on their preferences.


The task of setting up an online business can seem daunting at first. It is important to plan carefully, choose the right tools and platforms that match your scale of operations, and invest in the ones that suit your business. The above list is not an exhaustive list of the different ecommerce marketing tools available. 

But using even one of them could make a significant difference to your business and create a marketing channel that fuels your ecommerce initiative and accentuates your efforts in gaining a larger customer base.

Choosing the best and reliable ecommerce marketing tools for your ecommerce segment is a tough thing to do. You need to consider your web resource, demand, strategy, and future plans for expansion while choosing the tool to achieve your business objectives. 

The right marketing tools or tactics will help you to interact with your prospective customers who navigate through your website and then follow up on the lead. Although you would need to have a sound ecommerce strategy available, you would need a strong ecommerce marketing tool to back it and play a collaborative role in reaching your customer base.

It is hence, essential to choose the right ecommerce marketing tool that can be executed after the completion of your ecommerce website development.  

Brought to you by AdNabu – helping to improve sales in Google Ads for eCommerce companies. 

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I am Salil Panikkaveettil, the Co-Founder and CEO of AdNabu. AdNabu helps improve sales in Google Ads for eCommerce companies. If you are running a search, shopping, or display campaigns in Google Ads, this software will be able to increase your sales.

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