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The Rise of Cross-Platform App Development: Top Trends to Expect in 2022

In the dynamic technology world, users are adopting new technology very quickly, especially when it comes to mobile phones. The higher usage of mobile phones in daily life leads users towards mobile applications from desktop applications. The transition did not just happen but was necessary for the evolving tech space. Mobile applications remain revolutionary and many factors contribute to the successful creation of a mobile app —platforms, ASO, frameworks, and more.

Businesses across various industries find mobile applications the best option for increasing audience base, branding, sales, and hefty revenues. Companies that target customers worldwide are looking for hybrid apps, so they can reach out to all users at once regardless of the operating system they use, be it iOS, Android or Windows.

It becomes crucial to have applications that can run on different platforms seamlessly without altering the user experience. So, companies preferred reaching out to mobile app developers skilled in hybrid or cross-platform mobile app development for platform-independent apps.

Cross-platform app development has become an unrivaled choice for businesses aiming for a presence across Windows, iOS, and Android platforms. What makes it stand out? Cross-platform app development has many advantages, including low development cost, single code for multiple platforms, responsiveness, etc.

Some of the benefits of developing a Cross-platform application:

Same experience on multiple devices

Organizations work in a dynamic environment where employees use multiple devices to achieve different targets. They might be using Android mobile phones, Apple’s iPad, and Windows on a PC.

It would have killed the motivation for flawless work when interacting with different user interfaces and functionalities to perform the same task. Cross-platform facilitates user-friendliness in applications by giving a seamless experience on multiple devices.

Process of rapid development

Cross-platform apps are in style thanks to the quick development process. Development time and effort are reduced by 50-70 percent when using a single source code. One can create apps for business, gaming, and utility cross-platform.

Reusable code

Application code can be used more than once. Developers don’t have to start from scratch to build new code for each platform, saving time and effort.

Cloud integration made simple

Various plugins that coincide with cloud settings are compatible with cross-platform mobile apps. The code may work with plugins and extensions to quickly scale and add new features.

Improved time-to-market

Because the code is only written once, it can quickly be modified to meet new requirements. App developers can reduce Time-to-Market (TTM) by developing cross-platform apps to deploy them on the Play Store or the App Store. They can make minor modifications and update programs more quickly than their competition.

Consistent design

Designers can use interface (UI) components to help their apps provide a great user experience. Developers and designers can collaborate to create an excellent design compatible with app functionality across various platforms using cross-platform mobile development.

Follow the Trend and Become the Leader

Companies that will not change according to their environment will disappear. Follow trends and transform your business.

We are the generation of innovative ideas and digital transformations, where we should be versatile to embrace new technologies and come forth to keep up with recent trends for better business in your industry.

Following the latest technologies in the business environment doesn’t lead you to be a follower, whereas implying movements will oversee the success of your business ahead of your competitors. You’ll continuously be learning new tools, events, platforms, frameworks, and methods to be more productive if you stay up with trends. Incorporating trends will guide you to better select things to work with total efficiency and effectiveness.

There are various trends to the lookout for in the mobile application development space. These trends have created awakening situations and dominated the tech innovation world. Mobile applications in the field, eCommerce, gaming, traveling, etc., have evolved regularly with few trends, and here we are confronting the new changes in every mobile platform we operate.

Beacon Technology

Beacon technology is not new to the market; it has been almost a decade since this technology emerged and has been upgraded over the years. It has been spearheaded in industries covering every sector, from retail to healthcare. Integration of beacon technology adds advanced functionality to your mobile application. The advantage of beacons is to leverage proximity in marketing. It provides a great user experience in your application. We are seeing it to be one of the rising technologies in the coming years.


The usage of mobile devices transforms every business to leverage their offerings over mobile devices to maximize the customer base. The adoption of mCommerce is taking an incredible pace while developing mobile applications across platforms to generate revenue. mCommerce is cost-effective for those who aim to build applications on a single code base to resell their offering to users. A new app is released every day to boost sales, and if you want to stay ahead of your competition, mCommerce can help you do so.


The concept of IoTs emerged in 1999, but as time passed, it opened multiple ways, creating endless opportunities for the mobile app category. The rapid deployment of IoTs in multiple smart devices is unavoidable if you want to match your speed with the constant technology-changing environment.

Integrating IoT into your cross-platform app will let your users connect with every smart device they use in everyday life. For example, when a single mobile application is equipped with IoT technology to operate smart devices at home, users can easily automate their appliances from smart TVs to air conditioners.

Artificial Intelligence

AI becomes an essential integration in cross-platform app development to perform jobs that require human intelligence. Great examples of artificial intelligence in the industry are Alexa by Amazon and Siri by Apple, where we have almost submitted the innovative operations to them for getting things done. Moreover, vast concepts are being formulated with Artificial Intelligence frameworks carried out while cross-platform mobile app development.

  • Automated Logical reasoning
  • IoT amalgamation with AI
  • Enhance automation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Enhance mobile device security with personnel face, voice, or eye recognition
  • Enable Auto Reply like WhatsApp Business Account
  • Personalized user experience
  • Facilitate Real-time transition
  • AI-powered Chatbots

Incorporating AI into the cross-platform app makes no room for errors maintaining accuracy and precision as it creates algorithms to perform applications on multiple devices. It is a fact that AI is beneficial for app development. Still, cross-platform app development helps create tools where an ordinary human mind can quickly learn how to create a mobile application with minimal understanding.

Foresight Analytics

The latest cross-platform app development trends in 2022 are available to improve your experience and make your job easier. You can use data to foresee and foretell an event with foresight analytics. For years, technological behemoths have used analytics to make past experiences the foundation for future ambitions.

Netflix, for example, recommends events and shows based on what you’ve already watched. This is what foresight analytics is all about.

2022 will be a good year for the advancement of foresight analytics, as it will be put to use, improving the user interface and user experience of any app.

5G Technology

Soon 5G will gain the attention of organizations and developers as it offers several times more bandwidth than 4G and has lower latency. Enabling multi-platform mobile applications compatible with 5G will speed up the connectivity between you and your users with minimal interruptions.

According to a study conducted by Statista, the forecast number of 5G users worldwide will be 3 billion by 2025.
It offers a range of benefits to mobile devices and will be a revolutionary technology for the mobile app development industry.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology hikes cryptocurrency transactions in our lives, where bitcoin holds the fame and name. It is the most trending technology in the financial sector. The foundation of this technology is to create a decentralized database.

Blockchain technology engulfs the finance world in every aspect, from acquiring payments to trading or accessing the network directly by creating the authenticated numbers for authorized permission.

Suppose you aim to develop an app with high authentication where no one can update the database records with permission. In that case, the best solution is to use Blockchain elements of the database’s decentralization. The technology is generally associated with bitcoin, but that is changing thanks to the involvement of digital titans.

AR and VR

According to Statista, the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) market reached $30.7Billion in 2021 and will rise to close to $300 billion by 2024. However, the forte of this technology is to enhance the functionality of gaming and entertainment mobile applications.

So, if you want to present and update your cross-platform application with some uniqueness or turn it into an innovative product, then incorporating VR and AR technology is much-needed. They are becoming one of the leading trends in cross-platform app development, assuring the creative change in building gaming apps, driving apps, and live streaming apps.

Cloud-Computing Technologies

The demand for cloud-enabled mobile applications is rising owing to the user’s concerns regarding secure data, files, and information. This invisible technology is an excellent alternative to hardware systems that restrict the accessibility of information. Because of the critical elements of this technology, like cloud storage and processing abilities, the development of cross-platform applications is effortless and less tedious.

Cloud services are usually more secure than personal mobile devices. We all know that the availability of a wide range of mobile devices lets users switch on any other device as per their need; it will be a cherry on the top for them when they find comfort using the app with the same user interfaces and functionalities. It’s also easier to create a cross-platform app this way.


According to Statista, there will be 1.1 billion linked wearable devices in 2022, with North America having over 700 wearables and the highest number of 5G connections. Wearables are another option to make your consumers’ lives easier: the ability to receive notifications and messages on their smartwatch was the most popular feature of wearables among Americans (Statista). With the rise in health consciousness among the general public, fitness monitoring has witnessed a favorable and upward trend in demand within the wearable sector.


Chatbots in mobile applications can respond to queries or concerns raised by users. Using the natural way of conversation, they eliminate the hurdle and waiting time of answering users’ frequently asked questions and automate the process.

One of the studies says 36% of Americans used chatbots to communicate with companies in 2019. Whether developing a social app or food ordering application, a built-in chatbot in the app will always allow direct communication between your users and thus help maintain strong relationships with them.

Wrapping up

The most excellent method to stay competitive and create items in demand among modern consumers is to keep up with the latest cross-platform mobile app development trends. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most noteworthy trends that businesses should be aware of to expand in 2022.

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Julie Aplustill is a renowned blogger from California, USA, associated with Closeloop Technologies - a trusted software development company. She loves to share her views on the latest digital technologies and prefers diverse niches.

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