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Web Design with Neon Color: Will It Make or Break Your Brand?

“The right choice of colour can make or break a brand.” Yes, using the right colour is crucial in web design.

According to web design experts, just like different rose colours represent different emotions, different colour tones used in web design convey different messages to its visitors. Usually, the product assessment is done within 90 seconds. And between 60% to 90% of this product assessment is done based on colour alone.

So, it is of the utmost importance to choose the right colour for your web design to make it user-engaging. However, in this article post, we are not going to talk about just any colour. We are going to discuss how a touch of neon colour in web design can do wonders.

Also, you will get a detailed insight on how to use the neon color and what to do or not to do while playing with it. If you want to know about colour psychology in web design, click here.

Neon-ized Web Design

Playing with neon in web design is undoubtedly a tough task. Unless you are implementing it carefully, it will clash with the rest of your design and ruin it.

Recently, we have noticed plenty of websites that are mainly targeting millennials using this neon colour in their design. The trend has become pretty popular. For instance, you can look at DesignGapp. Their team has utilised the neon colour so intelligently that the website looks so beautiful and engaging without any doubt.

Look at another example of Whomama Design! The entire aesthetic of this website’s design has been built around neon colouring. Even though some may find it a bit too much, you can’t disagree that the website design gives a fancy feeling indeed. The eccentricities are pretty amusing in this neonized website design.

How Do You Use Neon Color Properly?

Now that you have seen some great examples of using neon colour in web design, it is time to discuss how you can do the same and make wonders! Here is a list of a few dos and don’ts while using neon in website design.

Use Lime green

According to some web design experts, lime green is the new neutral. It works great with almost any palette. When you use this colour on a dark background, it successfully creates an instant impact. Playing with this colour is fun, and it makes the design more engaging in drawing the visitors’ attention.

Neon Rainbow-Nay!

Need to create an overall colour scheme? Rather than using neon here, opt for other bright colours. In terms of saturation and brightness, most of the neon colours have almost the same values. When you use it on a screen, everything will look kind of similar. And in terms of readability and contrast, this may cause some major concerns.

Use Neon Colors in Your Branding

Do you know how the brand Mountain Dew has used the neon colour? Now, if you think that the colour scheme will go with your website design as well, there is no need to shy away. Go ahead and use it in your way. The visual differentiation will set your website design apart from other sites that are using the same colour scheme.

Neon on a White Background-A Big NO

This chemistry just doesn’t work out together! If you use neon colours on a white background, the elements in the neon colour will be almost unreadable. So, while web designing, keep this fact in mind and use neon in other ways to get its best touches.

Use Neon accents

While playing with this color, keep one thing in mind: this colour works best where the contrast between the background and the neon element is high. So, using it on a black background works the best. Still, you can always do experiments.

When getting users’ attention is your main priority, using neon marks, buttons, and lines along with other accents are the best deal. While web designing, to create a point of emphasis, you can include neon hues inside other elements.

Say No to Neon Text

In most cases, the neon text comes with readability challenges. It is good to practice avoiding using neon text. However, occasionally, it can work with a bold display typeface. Otherwise, it is advisable not to use it.

Other than the things we have mentioned so far, here are some additional tips on using neon in website design.

  • Make a bold colour statement with neon.
  • Try not to combine neon with other effects in web design.
  • Let your neon colours glow!
  • It is better if you do not use clashing colour palettes.
  • Background neons are trending these days. You can try it out.
  • Experiment with neon, but don’t use it in your web design.

Thus, keep these few things in mind and use neon colour wisely to make your web design impressive and user-engaging. Getting assistance from a web design company or related areas can make your job easier, as it is known to be a home for high-quality designers.

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