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Tech Gifts for Every Family Member this Coming Christmas

It may only be the start of autumn, however, it’s never too early when it comes to planning for Christmas. The winter months can be stressful and expensive, so keeping an eye out for gift ideas can greatly help your stress levels, time management and purse strings – especially if your family members enjoy tech-based gifts, which can be more expensive and more of a commitment. If you’re unsure of where to start, here are tech gifts for the family this coming Christmas.

For the Music Lover

There are many gifts available for the music lover, so before you start shopping, you may want to see what they already have and what they need/want. For example, if your music lover enjoys old-school vinyl, then you can find record players for sale here that could make the perfect present. However, if they have a more modern approach and listen to their music via Bluetooth speakers and Spotify, then gifting them state of the art Bluetooth speakers such as Bose SoundLink Revolve+ may make their Christmas. It’s also much more exciting than an iTunes gift card!

For the Professional

Professionals lead well-organized lifestyles and are usually sophisticated and stylish individuals. Buying for them can be made simple, especially in this digital age. As stationery is becoming a thing of the past, and with the need to work faster and better, technology is becoming a professional’s best friend. This surge in popularity means you can mar timeless style and practicality with well-crafted timepieces. However, make sure you view your options before making such an investment. Professionals are meticulous, so you’ll want to combine sophistication and purpose perfectly.

For the Photographer

Whether they’re professional photographers or simply enjoy photographing their life experiences, a Polaroid camera or portable photo printer could make a great gift. For the latter, take photos on your phone and send the image wirelessly to the printer; watch as a physical copy materializes in front of you, so they can hang them in their home or give them to their friends. This can also be great fun during Christmas Day and Boxing Day!

For the Artist

Many artists may love sketching with their beloved sketchpad and pencil, however, there’s now a world of possibilities when it comes to being creative. The iPad Pro, for example, is used by many tattoo artists so they take photos of their client’s arms, legs or other areas, and draw tattoos on top of the image or separately while using the photo for placement and dimensions. However, for those who’re more traditional, the Wacom Bamboo notepad can be a happy compromise. Draw on normal paper and have your sketch instantly sent to a smartphone or tablet for other uses. The latter is also useful for jotting down business notes and ideas before sending them to co-workers.

For the Bookworm

You may want to tread lightly with this idea, as many bookworms wouldn’t trade in real books for anything. However, if a family member has many books and is running out of space, then treating them to an eReader could be a game changer with its many benefits. Amazon’s Kindle is still holding the top places, with the Paperwhite being ranked number one, but before buying one for the bookworm, you’ll want to be 100% sure that they’ll use the device.

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