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How to Recover Deleted Files from an Emptied Recycle Bin

People use computers or laptops for a multitude of different reasons, and nowadays technology empowers users to utilize their device in whichever way they desire. But, the one thing that remains constant among a sea of variables, is the fact that people will always store files. That’s because people need access to it to again, or they want it archived for future reference.

Whether it’s a video you’ve created on Sony Vegas Pro, a presentation constructed on MS PowerPoint, or a logo designed in Adobe Photoshop, you’ll most likely save it on your hard drive. However, everyone’s human, and that’s a possibility for a mistake to be made. So, what happens if you accidentally delete a file that you need?

Well, you can actually recover deleted files on Windows, and You see, every device is equipped with a recycle bin, which holds relevant information about a deleted file so that it can be restored. Now, you probably want to know how to recover deleted files from recycle bin, right?

In all honesty, the process to recover recycle bin is incredibly easy to perform.

You can access the recycle bin and restore all of the contents, which will place them back into the area you previously had them saved. Alternatively, if you only wish to recover certain files, you can click on them and select restore. Although, if you wish to speed up the process or if you’re not very tech-savvy, then have a smart piece of software like Disk Drill do it for you.

Their software will allow you to recover files from recycle bin for free, and it’s extremely convenient. But, on some occasions, someone may want to retrieve deleted files even after they’ve emptied the recycling bin. In those instances, the majority of people assume they’re lost forever and they’re impossible to recover.

However, there’s no need to worry, because there is still a way to get them back. We’ve compiled a few steps to explain how to recover recycle bin on Windows…

Step 1:

Firstly, you’ll need to obtain a file recovery software, and the one we mentioned earlier – Disk Drill – will work perfectly. This is because you’ll need to delve deep into the hard drive to search through raw data. Check here for the software; it’s free to use, and once you’ve completed the short install, you’ll be able to begin the process of recovering the recycling bin.

Step 2:

This step is all about allowing the file recovery software to work its magic. All you need to do is select the drive or partition that you want the application to scan, and it will notify you of what you can recover.

Step 3:

Once you spot the file that you’re looking for, just stop the scan and select the file. Then you just need to click recover and choose where you want to save the file to. It’s as simple as that!

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