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Say Te Amo and J T’aime in Your Way for Your Mr. Valentine

You were all okay, doing well in with your studies, music, dance class, ad copies, etc. And then one fine day, he bumped into you and ………………. The life changed.

Then started the phase of “first time experiences”. You never had the taste of para gliding, you were unknown to mountain biking, you were not familiar with jazz shows. But you did all that because of him. So many new faces of life were introduced by him that in today’s date you can say that your life has changed deliberately and this change is surely for the betterment. You must have found new limits and horizons for yourself. And given another chance to fall in love all over again, you would choose this gem of a person again and again. Whatever good and bad you have seen and witnessed with him, is something that has shaped you into a newer version of you.

That’s why Valentine’s Day gift for him has to be well thought out.

Checklist for Valentine’s Day gifts for him

  • A personalized coffee mug with a picture of you two and signed by you with a lovely note like: “Love is in every coffee sip with you” “Together we would touch the sky”.
  • A brand new car accessory like: charger, car vacuum cleaner, car back rest, or a mobile holder. These gifts would really make him happy.
  • A funky set of couple wine glasses for those weekend sessions of yours would be an excellent gift idea. It can be shot glasses as well.
  • A wall hanger can be prepared by you to decorate his wall. Take the help of shows like “art attack” or browse the Youtube channel.
  • Some indoor plants for his new office set up to keep him refreshed all the daylong would be the best valentine gift for him.
  • Gift some funky t-shirts with funny quotes like: “Keep Calm and Stay in Love with me” “My girlfriend has the most amazing boyfriend” “In need of beer and your love”
  • A cool and classy travel suitcase for his office trips is a useful gift for sure.

Valentine’s Day is not just a one-time celebration, it is a celebration for lifetime. Your gifts should be so unique that the love in your heart actually oozes out from them. One lifetime is not enough to make the other person understand about your deepest feelings because the more you say, there would still be something left unsaid.

You can plan a weeklong trip with him so that you get to talk in words and also in silence. It would bring some freshness and action in your love story.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. sanjay sharma

    January 6, 2019 at 2:32 pm

    Very nice tips for valentines day gifts. I loved reading this article. Please keep this good work rolling

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