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Powerful Reasons to Add Images in Your Blog

Are you struggling to get the desired amount of organic traffic towards your blog? Are you looking for the reasons why your article is not getting the attraction of the online audience?

In this blog, I will let you know about one of the most important factor of blogging and article writing. Article writing and web blogging are not just about writing a few interactive texts/ lines. An excellent article is a combination of attractive images, Infographics, and multimedia content. Only those blogging sites get the attraction of online users which uses the combination of pictures and graphics in their blog submissions. Prepostseo is the best place that helps you to perform a reverse image search of the photos you will use in your blog. To get the highest rank in search engines, make sure that the photo or image you add in your article is unique.

“A Picture is worth a thousand word”- Well, that comes true in case of article posting. Images in your article can be helpful in attracting millions of online viewers.  It’s because of the reason that images can have a positive impact on the minds of readers. A perfect image becomes the main reason for you to get new potential leads for your business. Following are the top categories of images you can use while posting an original blog/article on your blogging website.

  • Infographics: Infographics are the visual representation of informational data to present information quickly and clearly. Infographics are essential tools to educate and inform readers. With infographics, you can include a variety of sources and statistics to inform your readers.
  • Graphics: Graphics refers to a new unique design or visual image you can draw on a variety of different surfaces. Graphics are typically used for providing features info, branding, and help bloggers to summarize long blog post into reports.
  • Tables: A table is an arrangement of complex data in the form of rows and columns to make it easy for the readers to understand the situation. Typically tables are used to represent numerical data. The multi-dimensional table is also has become an essential part of representing data online.
  • Screenshots:  Screenshot is known as the capturing of a photo of a computer screen. It can be saved as a graphics file. Screenshots are extensively used in a blog where it becomes essential to add photos to describe technical details.
  • Wireframes: Wireframes are the simple layout diagrams in black and white color layout. Adding wireframes in a blog is the best way to represent electrical and structural elements in an effective way.

Improve Blog Structure 

By using images in your blog post, it becomes easy for you to structure your blog. You can successfully divide the text of your article into logical parts.  It will help you to make sure that your audience easily understands your concept that you are explaining for a product or service. According to Social Media Examiner report that was published in 2018. There are 65% more chances that readers will retain information for longer times if it is published with attractive images on the internet.

Positive Impact on Search Engine Traffic

Search engines always give more authority to sites; those post unique quality images in their articles regularly. Increase in organic traffic is the goal of any website because by doing so they can attract readers toward their site. An image you use in your article should be effectively optimized. Inclusion of Alt Text + Image description is essential when posting an image or photo in the blog.

More Visual Appealing For Readers

When you add images in your blog, it will create more visually appealing. A right image conveys a strong message to the audience about the products you are selling online. It simplifies the message that you are communicating with your readers. Images and photos make the product description more authentic and reliable. Thumbnails are also among the most critical factors that enhance visual appealing of a blog. A blog will be more successful in terms of user’s appreciation and recognition if it is published with a unique thumbnail that positively affects the minds of readers.

More Social Engagement

Addition of images and photos in social media posts can increase the rate of potential leads. It can give you a massive return in online traffic and user’s engagement. Following are the top most benefits of adding images in your social posts.

  • 140% times more retweets
  • 35% more engagement on Facebook
  • Getting more comments than the average post
  • 90% more link click-through rate
  • Support Your Point

Well, the key reason for your writing is to make sure that what you are suggesting to your readers, they get agreed with it. An info graphic or image can add real value and insight into your blog. For example, if your blog is about the technical specifications of a smartphone or mobile device, then you have to add some screenshots of the specifications or mobile settings. It will allow you to make things clear for your readers. On the other hand, if your blog is about a product or service of your company, then images can positively impact the minds of the customer in a way to make a purchase decision.

Select Images/Photos that Reflect Your Vision

Images and photos you have to add in any of your blogs must be relevant to your topic or product description. You have to must consider a unique and new image every time for your post that you haven’t used already. You can use various types of software, e.g., Adobe Photoshop to give a new look to any of your selected images. Online platforms are also available from where you can choose a unique new photo, infographic or a copy for your article or blog.

Following are the top online sites that provide free of cost unique photos and amazing images for webmasters.

  1. Unsplash
  2. Pexels
  3. Pixabay
  4. Kaboompics

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Well, I have 3 years of experience of writing articles on Tech, SEO, Sports, Software testing and Health Care. Loves travelling and reading. Currently manage digital marketing team at Enzipe Soloutions.

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