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Repurposing Content: 6 Ways to Use One Blog Post

Content creation is something we all do – if you’re online,
you do it all the time. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are
constantly creating content. When you answer questions on a forum, write
on your blog, chat with your Facebook groups – content is everywhere.

Content creation is something we all do – if you’re online, you do it all the time.  Whether you are aware of it or not, you are constantly creating content.  When you answer questions on a forum, write on your blog, chat with your Facebook groups – content is everywhere.

The great thing about all this content is that it’s easy to use it over and over again.

Here are how it can be done – You get more exposure

Exposure means you are seen.  You are visible to your audience.  Because, after all, you write all this content, but
once the initial wave of traffic is over, you are forced to move on to the next post to promote.

You establish your credentials

Exposure and credibility are not the same things, although they are related. When you take an article and repurpose it, it further develops your name and your business as the go-to expert in your field. More exposure = building more

You get more traffic

This goes without saying, but as you spread your content around the web, your own blog traffic increases.  Readers like what they see and want to read more.  They may even want to join your email list.

How to Effectively Repurpose Content

Repurposing your content is fairly simple in theory, but it’s the strategy behind it that gets confusing.

An example is the easiest way to explain the methods…

Let’s use an example of a blog post titled Top 10 Tips to Grow a Plentiful Vegetable Garden.

When this blog post was published, the usual social sharing steps were also done – shared on Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon.  This post generated a lot of traffic back to the blog.  But, we’re not going to stop there.  Now it’s time to get even more mileage out of this blog post.

Take this blog post and turn it into a short report

Short reports go viral very quickly as they are an added bonus.  Adjust the margins, make the font a bit bigger and make a simple cover page and you have a nice short report.  Don’t forget your blog links and email sign up links!

To send this short report out to the masses, talk about it on Twitter and Facebook, submit it to document sharing sites like and send it out to your email list.  You could also ask a fellow business partner to give it out to their list.  Bloggers are busy people and when good content comes their way, most are happy to use it.

Turn this blog post into a video

Videos are extremely popular.  Creating a video with great music and slides, maybe each one covering a vegetable gardening tip is an easy and fast way of attracting new readers back to your blog.

Send the post out to article directories

Repurposing your content can be as simple as submitting the post as an article to the major article directories. This is called syndicating your content.

Use the post in a product

If you have never created a product before, then this method will help you get it started.  Blog posts can often be repackaged into complete products.  And then you have something to sell as well.

Add it to a bonus on someone else’s product

Remember the short report?  Well, ask a fellow business partner if they would be willing to offer your report as a bonus on their product or even on their purchaser’s download page.

Which brings up the last point…

Turn it into your compelling free offer.  Use your report as your freebie for building your email list.  It’s a
great way to add targeted, interested email subscribers.

Use your Content Wisely

With every blog post, every article, every video you write or create, always have an ulterior motive in mind.  Think exposure. The best repurposing content strategy is one that brings you the most traffic, furthers your reach and
enhances your credibility.

And, here is a short report on this very subject of product creation… there is no opt-in required, but a share or two would be awesome

Oh, and you may use this report however you wish, provided the report remains as-in with all text and links intact. Enjoy!

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Michael Evans is a passionate writer and he has been writing for Site2You, which is a website builder for business. He has written different article on web design, online marketing and SEO. He is equally enthusiastic about latest gadgets.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Arsene

    May 7, 2018 at 3:03 pm

    Wow, this is something new I will surely use this tip thnx for sharing cheers!

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