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Here’s All Realtors Must-Know about electronic Signature

Electronic signature real estate documents have been the most challenging aspect of land dealings for realtors.

There is nothing when it comes to digital signature for realtors. Realtors look for a day that they can sell a home that is entirely paperless using the only esign on real estate sales. Imagine that the shortest duration it takes to sell a house without any trace of paper.

Studies already show that the use of digital signature for realtors’ results in quick turnaround time. However, some estate agents, support staff, and professionals do not want to embrace this new movement. Most of the technologically challenged bureaucrats and most of them being the firm owners will not see it as a problem and a waste of time lining up for notary stamps and wasting all that time in traffic to get a client’s signature

The real estate industry is still not yet there because some state agencies are still trying to adapt. Some digital frameworks are still available and recognize real estate e-signature as something legally binding. The framework is ready waiting for realtors who seek to move with the tide. Unfortunately, some are taken on a slow ride by county governments who are trying to get to speed with the concept of digital signature for realtors.

How Digital Signatures Work for Real Estate Agents

Embracing e-signature technology means that the government and real estate agents are using an electronic signature in their dealings in land sales and purchases. Smart realtors will not be disappointed because the technology is compatible with mobile devices. What the agent need is to have the necessary documents and send them to the client’s email.

Once the email is received, most land documents sent over the internet are usually in PDF format. The client will see the flagged areas that require their signatures. Some may have a software or an application that guides them following a systematic procedure. When done, the client will send the document back to the agent for the next steps.

There is no need to get stamps and related stationery to send the document, and no driving to the agent either. It is that simple and straightforward. Some electronic signature real estate documents have a notification to both parties if the signature is tampered with. Additional security can be added by integrating the e-signature software that shows the workflow program and minimizes chances of causing errors. The agent or management may have an opportunity to monitor your progress.

As a buyer in any given deal, make sure to ask for better and secure programs that will ask for authentication by verification through PIN numbers before the document open up. The best realtor should be the one that invests in a digital signature for realtors that uses audit trail, has an easy to follow signing procedure, and allows for easy document retrieval.

What is required of a Real Estate Firm to Embrace Digital Signatures?

In this section, we look at considerations when looking to adopt e-signatures:

1. Quality of Service and Security Protocols

Security and quality of service to clients should include the realtors’ main agenda. E-Sign real estate contracts should help the agent confirm the identity of the signing client using different approaches. Such precautions keep off would be fraudsters and earns you trust from clients. The nature of privacy and security protocols to use depend on the kinds of documents that need signatures.

If you are dealing with a non-disclosure agreement, approvals, underlying contracts, and other routine signing processes, use a secure link to your documents. The link should only be accessible via emails and possibly have an extra validation feature.

2. Enforce a Privacy Policy

Privacy policy, in addition to the esign on real estate contracts, should have a trust location to address the issue relating to account holders and electronic signature real estate documents. Some esign real estate contacts have controls over to offer its customers peace of mind with digitally signed documents.

3. Organizational Maturity

The owner of the firm should enforce strictness when dealing with clients’ data at all times. A reputable company should not be part of scandalous reports on land because of swindling potential clients. Taking such, a step proves that there is a commitment to create and maintain the strictest controls needed to ensure the highest quality and security of services for our customers.

4. Data Protection and Identity Verification

A realtor should enforce strictness when handling private information to avoid identity theft. The firm should also have its legal representation ready in case such offense is committed.


Buying, refinancing, or selling property should be a serious affair. Start by looking for a reliable and dependable digital signature for realtors, who has an excellent infrastructure to facilitate the use of digital transactions in land and property. Digital signatures will put you on the go by simplifying operations from end-to-end.

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