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5 Types of Awesome Visual Content You Can Use in Your Blog Posts

Today, every business uses several types of visual content to have a successful brand. Producing regular content is one of the main ways to keep your brand memorable and engaging. And with visual content, you get to stand out from the rest.

With visual content, you can communicate your message better and have a good chance of grabbing your audience’s attention. In a nutshell, even if your written content is engaging and exciting, it can still be ignored or worse, get lost. But using visual content, you can have different mediums and techniques to get your message across.

In this article, we take a look at some types of visual content that you can use for your blog posts.


Images are excellent at splitting up texts. This way, your blog post won’t look like blocks of text. Did you know that articles with images get as much as 94% more views than those that don’t have one? People’s attention spans are getting shorter so big blocks of text can look a bit off-putting.

Include high-quality images which are taken by you to add a personal touch to the campaign. You can use Canva to create unique pictures for free.


There are types of people who prefer watching videos over reading texts. You can use videos to increase your conversions by placing one on your landing page. There are all kinds of videos that you can use including customer testimonials, how-to videos, explainer videos or demonstrations.


Infographics are great at collating your statistics and data into one visual display. When used right, infographics can be a critical part of your content marketing strategy.


Memes are one of the best ways to gain traffic for your blog post. But aside from that, it sets you apart from the rest. But before you go ahead and create memes, make sure that it is appropriate for your niche. It’s also one great tool at making your audience laugh and build a community.

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Presentations are now being used to communicate with an audience. It provides information to everyone no matter what device they are using with a SlideShare. When a topic becomes too lengthy, a presentation might be better.

Article Writing Services

Avoid getting burnt out and let someone else do the written content for you so you’ll only have to worry about the visual content. Availing of article writing services from professionals ensures you get to have high-quality content to work with.


Blocks of text for your blog’s content can seem off-putting. Remember those tips above to spice-up your content and stand out from the rest is by using visual content and article writing services.

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