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Positive POS Experience: The Best Weapon Against Big Businesses

In the hustle and bustle of today’s world, good customer service seems to have become a forgotten art. Although consumers desire and demand technology that makes their lives easier they are tired of getting lost in electronic voicemail and automated technology.

Bigger companies may have an upper hand on small business in the price wars due to their ability to practice volume buying, but small companies can thrive and outperform large business in the area of customer service in turn leveling the playing field. Below are some examples of ways your small business can compete through excellent customer service.

Personalized Attention

Give your customers that fuzzy feeling by taking the time to get to know them. Greet the customers you actually know by name and with a friendly, “Great to see you. How are you?” Sincerity is key though, if you come across as faking it, the effect will be the opposite of what you are trying for. It’s impossible to know every customer by name, but those who frequent your facility regularly will find it appealing to be recognized and welcomed, while those who are new to your establishment will find the cordial welcoming environment refreshing and want to return.


When customers have questions or request follow-up in a timely manner. It may seem time consuming to call a customer directly, but the positive image you will create for your business will be well worth the time it took to place the call. Make sure to have all your details and information straight before calling the customer in order to have an informed conversation. The simple task of a personalized phone call will make your customer feel valued and important.

Create A Birthday Reward Program

Whether it’s a free candy bar or a birthday card mailed to the customer, a birthday reward program customizes your advertising to the specific customer as it gets your name back in front of them. With email a birthday program does not have to be expensive or overly time consuming. Additionally, the up sales that will occur from the customer doing added shopping when they come in for their free treat will make the time spent setting up the database and sending out notifications worth the effort.

Create A Welcoming Location

Avoid the boxy, sterile atmosphere of the large warehouse stores and make your facility represent you. By customizing your locations environment to match your company’s services or inventory, you build a branding of yourself that will make you stand out and be memorable to your target market. Make sure not to overdo it though. You want to create a presence without looking gaudy.

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Robert writes for Cizaro Systems, a retail pos business for the past 6 years. We provide quality products essential in all aspects of retail operations. Our understanding of the retail cycle enables us to provide the knowledge necessary to build pos terminals tailored to your specific needs.  Whether you need the whole solution or just one piece of the puzzle, Cizaro will not only meet but exceed your retail automation needs.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Chuck

    March 25, 2013 at 6:08 pm


    Throwing in rewards programs is also a big push. We try and send out a post card to each customer that buys also, just to say thank you.

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