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Top PS3 Games For Your Kids

Sony revolutionized gaming by introducing their 3rd edition of the PlayStation serious known as the PlayStation 3. Though a bit expensive, the enhanced gaming experience brought to you is unmatched like no other. You may have difficulty buying this if looking for a budget gaming console but is worth the money. Single mothers can afford it too by saving on expenditure by taking full use of a child benefit.

If you are looking for games that you can approve for your kids to play on a PlayStation 3, look nowhere else! Here is a list of the top games your kids can play on a PS3:

  1. Little Big Planet 2: This fantasy game allows you to build and customize a planet of your own. It allows you to create your planet anyway you want and has 50 levels. This game as the ability for the users to create their own levels.
  2. Carnival Island: If you have a Move controller for your PS3 this is one of the best collection of games given in one. There are over 35 games that revolve around a carnival. All the games have their own variations to keep your gaming experience lively. Games like hoop toss, skee ball and knocking down bottles are all part of this package.
  3. Outland: Parents need to be aware that this is a game that has a bit of mind violence. Players battle against magical fantasy creatures with a sword and dashing attacks. The game has no blood and gore to your relief. This game has some online playing facilities too.
  4. NBA 2K13: This game is a basketball simulation game where users can take an individual or a team to win a championship. One of the modes in this game includes all the best players from the NBA of all time.
  5. Ratchet and Clank (A Crack in Time): This is perhaps one of the best games by game developers Insomniac. It is a Star Trek like game where you control a Lombax and a Robot and face different adventures with this dynamic duo. With various puzzles that may be a a bit difficult for your younger ones to grasp at first, this game is one fun packed experience.
  6. ModNation Racers: This is a kart racing game with a single player and multiplayer options. Levels created by users are easily downloadable and are filtered so that unwanted material doesn’t display on your screen.

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  1. Roger

    March 25, 2013 at 2:00 pm

    Though I’m not a kid, but I’m still playing some games, and I think that NBA 2k13 is simply amazing! The best sports simulator released so far. And in the light of the upcoming SPS4 release I think it will be even better experience playing it on the new device.

  2. AlishaRoy

    May 7, 2013 at 12:12 pm


    This is very nice game for kids and as well as every one………….Try this


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