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Why Mobile Marketing is Crucial to Your Business

With the incredible growth of smartphone and tablet sales over the last few years it is no surprise businesses are flocking to mobile.

Today over 64% of American adults now own a smartphone of some kind, up from 35% in 2011. This trend is likely to continue as a result of enhanced user experiences created by new hardware and advances in mobile apps. Businesses worldwide are taking advantage of emerging interactive technologies such as beacons in smartphones and tablets to create even better experiences for users.

mobile marketing

There are several advantages to using mobile advertising and you may not realize the potential it creates for your business. Following are some reasons why mobile marketing is an excellent way for your brand to connect to your target audience in an effective manner.

1. Improve the customer experience

Effective customer service is vital in informing the consumer that they’re valued not only in that moment but also for the long term. Mobile marketing makes customer relationship management easy, as it provides for effective two-way communication. Remember mobile is often your customer’s first choice of interaction with your business. It has become their favorite medium for communication and content consumption. The need to develop a smooth customer experience with “mobile-first” mentality has become extremely critical. With mobile, customers have an easy way of engaging with a brand, thus leading to strong relationships which are crucial in growing a business.

2. Mobile advertising is cost effective

we hear it from business owners all the time. They complain as they explain the thousands of dollars that they have wasted on their latest marketing campaigns. They have tried advertising in newspapers, on websites, or whatever, but they just can’t get results from traditional ads. They are not getting a positive return on the money they have put into their marketing efforts.

If you have ever advertised and felt like you are not getting bang for your buck, you definitely need to try mobile advertising. Mobile campaigns are more cost effective than traditional advertising channels. Often a fraction of what traditional channels cost. This lets you reach more customers and prospects for less money. It is generally more economical to set up and a launch a mobile campaign. Additionally mobile lets you target your advertising in ways that other mediums can’t even dream of.

3. Intimacy

Mobile users have become accustomed to using their mobile devices for personal conversations and text messages. Mobile phones are typically part and parcel of the intimate identity of their users, who often accessorize or personalize their devices. Wherever intimacy is involved, it’s vital that conversations are based on mutual trust. Hence, mobile marketing conversation can be less intrusive than other marketing channels. With mobile messaging conveying a sense of intimacy you form strong relationships with consumers. As a result, you get repeat business.

4. More social marketing opportunities

One powerful feature of many mobile applications is that they interact with other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Users may even log into some apps via these social networks. The advantage here is that users can easily share their brand interactions and purchases through these and other platforms, thereby promoting your products and services to a new audience.

5. Constantly connected

Most people who own mobile phones keep them on throughout the day. In fact, the concept of “mobile” literally means “not in one place”. Therefore, you can reach your customers and prospects wherever they are rather than having to wait until they log on to the internet with a PC. Mobile marketing follows consumers everywhere they go and does not rely on any distinct location. You have day-and-night access to your existing and potential customers.

6. For better customer engagement

A growing number of retailers have found out that their mobile applications are instrumental in persuading potential customers to purchase from their store. A mobile application user can develop brand loyalty provided it is done right. And as said before, mobile devices are accessible anytime, anywhere, thus mobile-centric consumers are constantly connected. Nearly 80% of smartphone usage is spent on apps, and spending the remaining 20% percent on other activities. Since consumers have gone mobile, they are demanding high quality, relevant mobile experiences from their favorite brands. They are increasingly preferring businesses with superior personalized experiences.

Brands can increase engagement with clients by taking advantage of new mobile technologies and marketing channels that deliver personalized, relevant information and offers. Increasing customer loyalty can boost profits considerably. For example, you can leverage mobile to deliver timely, relevant loyalty offers based to a consumer’s location in real-time, which leads us to the next point.

7. Location-based advertising

Brands can now leverage the power of location-based marketing to target mobile users within a certain geographical location. You can use location-based marketing strategies in many different ways.

Geo-location services have reduced the gap between brands and consumers. Today many ad campaigns are taking advantage of this technique as one of their key marketing tools. With geo-location services, personalized messages are sent to users based on their location at a given time, and people can be targeted differently based on their different tastes and preferences.

Location-based marketing such as geo-targeting helps you reach clients wherever they are. This concept is gaining ground and it has opened new windows of opportunity for businesses.

Recent studies have shown that 94 percent of customers have made local searches on their mobile phones. It is imperative therefore to take advantage of this huge customer pool to increase brand awareness and engagement where they may not have engaged otherwise.


Mobile applications and mobile marketing are certainly here to stay, and they provide a lot of opportunity for entrepreneurs who are looking for innovative marketing solutions. Businesses are in prime position to maximize customer loyalty and retention through the power of mobile devices. As 2015 progresses, the world continues its gradual shift from personal computers to mobile devices. Brands and consumers alike are also going mobile, allowing customers the freedom to interact with their favorite brand from anywhere.

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Diwiyne Johnson has worked for Vanity Point – a Mobile App Design and Development Company, for the last seven years. In her free time, she likes to play chess with her friends.

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